The sensory pleasures of Relaxing with red flower

Our daily lives can be chaotic. 

Sometimes, we find time to take care of our work obligations, our home, our car, our pets, our loved ones, but forget to take care of the one who is taking care of all else: ourselves. 

7 months ago

On wellness rituals and why we need them

When it comes to wellness, less is more. Our wellness rituals are simple and pure. 

At red flower, we believe in the importance of creating the finest quality products in limited quantities.  It’s vital to discover beauty globally to have truly transformative offerings, but it’s also vital to spend the time on our customers so they, too, learn to luxuriate in the sensuous delights that come from using a great product. And our specially crafted  “hero products” are developed with the company’s philosophy of engaging in sustainable and environmentally friendly practices instead of mass-produced overconsumption.

7 months ago

Slow beauty rituals from near and far, in the language of nature

Most dear to my heart is the ritual of Beauty. 

Through it all, I ground myself in rituals of comfort. Rituals that keep the worlds within our minds and bodies calm even when the various worlds we move in might not be.

7 months ago

A letter from the founder

Please join us in the next round of groundbreaking changes that speak to our promise of sustainability and innovation.

Our products will now be delivered to you with no excess exterior packaging in more space-efficient case packs to accentuate the essence of Red Flower - our all-natural, toxin-free, concentrated nutrients, self-care beauty practice, micro-batched by hand in greater New York soul. It's going to be a much happier day for an awful lot of trees.

7 months ago

When beauty is fleeting, know it is time for rejuvenation

There are periods in our lives where it gets difficult to see beauty. 

What does your ritual for recovery look like?

7 months ago

Why I’m delighting in scents, embracing an unseen beauty

Home scents for every mood.

Somehow we don’t think of scents as “beautiful”. But if you stop to consider it, scents are an integral part of our lives. 

7 months ago

Bringing the soul of the far east into our beauty rituals

I am proud of red flower and our efforts to draw upon wellness rituals from all over the world, from age-old traditions to modern innovations. Today, I’m writing to you with history in mind, thinking about a Japanese wellness practice from centuries ago, one which I revere.

7 months ago

Self-care inspiration from the Middle East: the wonder of Hamman products 

Self-care is all about showing appreciation for the body that helps you get through the day, the body that cares for others, that provides the strength you need to work out, that allows you to wake up in the morning, breath the magnificent air, and appreciate the joy that it is to be alive. At red flower we craft our self-care experiences with inspirations from all over the world. 

7 months ago

It’s in me.

To suggest that you can be and find respite in a beautiful thing is empowering. In the beauty industry, it is iconoclastic.

11 months ago