created to draw deep impurities from the body and detoxify for a euphoric lightness of being.


the atmosphere of the hammam

a ritual based body treatment

hammam means spreader of warmth. it is the word given to a sensual bathing retreat that evolved over one thousand years and traces its roots back to the roman thermae. circling time and place, the traditions found steeped in a present day hammam can be experienced from the far-reaching coast of andalusia, spain to the natural hot springs of turkey, tunisia and morocco. this is a flow of deeply purifying and detoxifying essential oils and plant, nut and fruit extracts carefully chosen from indigenous ingredients for their therapeutic and healing properties. a sensual ritual of half-light, quiescence and devotion created to draw deep impurities from the body for a warm radiance.


red flower hammam is a layering of seven essential steps to bring the body to a warm, illuminating glow. a ritual succession of healing, detoxification and relaxation.

this is a pure product. begin by purifying. then intensely scrub. slowly polish. relax. mist. bless the body with oil. luxuriously hydrate.


made with awareness by red flower in the usa.

red flower is botanically based and essential oil derived.
free from parabens, dyes, petrochemicals and sulfates.

vegan & gluten free. made in the USA. 

core benefits, key ingredients and active results


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