Symbolism and design in Japan

I lived in Japan for many years; it is my home away from home. A Japanese aesthetic deeply informs much of red flower’s feel. In creating red flower japan, our first treatment collection, the design and graphics express the deep spiritual, emotional, symbolic, health, and ceremonial aspects of traditional onsen bathing.  I have been to more than a hundred onsen, studied tea ceremony and ikebana, worked with the best graphic designers at shiseido and endlessly wandered the streets of tokyo, everywhere absorbing the beauty and power of “Japan”.  

7 months ago

illuminating rose collagen renewal face serum

Born out of the objective of naturally transforming skin through daily self-care with concentrated, potent ingredients, red flower introduces Illuminating Rose Collagen Renewal Face Serum – a toxin-free, multi-sensory treatment that contains the whole essential oil of 45 kg of rose Damascena petals and 10,000 cold-pressed cloudberry and raspberry seeds in every bottle for instantaneous benefits and radiant health.

2 years ago

Beautifully Complex: Intensely Nourishing

When creating a list of your very favorite beauty products, what items come to mind? What are the requirements for a product to make the list?

2 years ago

Liquid Transcendence Cherry Blossom Rice Buff Bath (And Shower)

The “Earthy Boho”  bath Heather envisioned includes a suggestion for music, a good read and a candle to create a “happy place to chill out, meditate and swirl around” a Red Flower Cherry Blossom Rice Buff. She describes the Red Flower Cherry Blossom Rice buff as, “ a neater alternative to a scrub, this mesh bag contains exfoliating rice bran. Massage it into the skin and rinse.”

3 years ago

Flowers Hold Life Aromatherapeutic Body Oil

Why add a few drops of oil to the bath?

3 years ago

The Chaga Mushroom

Chaga Mushroom is a very rare, hard-to-find mushroom, much sought after and very valuable on the market. Great, I thought and knowing my luck, I would never find one.

4 years ago

Symbolism Of Design In Hammam

The geometric design for red flower hammam and the rich colors of burgundy, lapis blue, gold, pearl and silver are all inspired by this tapestry and extensive travels to my grandmother’s homeland in turkey. She described stories of her opulent childhood: from the richness of the sweetly boiled black coffee with lemon in gold demitasse cups, to the luminescent twinkle of sunlight through the cathedral like heights of the traditional hammam.  these stories deeply influence the aesthetic experience of the red flower hammam collection.

5 years ago

Symbolism of Design In Nature

 red flower package design for bath house inspired treatment collections:

red flower’s three globally inspired therapeutic treatment collections are grounded in rich design and cultural heritage.  Each line- red flower japan, red flower hammam and red flower nature- has a distinct and iconic graphic that is deeply symbolic yet holds universal qualities.

5 years ago

Feel the Resonating Energy of Cardamom Amber Oil

Cardamom amber oil is a study in devotion and deep relaxation, it is an olfactory journey through the spice route, combining the stimulating essential oils of clove, cardamom and the rare, headiness of sandalwood and amber that warm the skin and relax the body.

6 years ago

The Art of Perfume

The sense of smell is truly the most democratic of all the senses. A scent always fits and perfumes rarely go out of style. A perfume is experienced through an individual's filter of emotion and memory.

7 years ago