shower moment

Showering is the best part of the day.

A warm, watery sanctuary to sing freely, cleanse fully and release the mind. Amplified with aromatherapy and sensorial texture a shower can become a centering time for the eureka! moment, an escapist voyage, and a curative therapy. Neurological studies prove that the mind relaxes while showering. This relaxation allows the brain to think more creatively. An interesting fact to embellish this idea is that many Nobel prizes have been awarded to scientists and mathematicians who spent years trying to resolve problems only to come to their solutions not while concentrating in the lab but while lathering in a hot shower.* In essence a shower is a release of creativity. Coupling the brain benefits with the life-enhancing feeling of relaxation and the beauty enhancing the impact of purifying the skin and boosting blood flow - a morning shower holds the potential of an incredible day, an evening shower the potential for a deep night's sleep, an afternoon shower a boost of warmth and energy.

To live life fully, shower first. 

*”Where Do Eureka Moments Come From?” --Maria Konnikova

Shower Moment Curative! Detox & Protect
Shower Moment Bliss! Unwind & Glow
Shower Moment Eureka! Discover and Revive

Being deliberate about preparation, technique and process can make an enormous impact on the totality of the experience. Consider details such as water temperature, application technique, lighting, air temperature, sound, product selection, aromatherapy, seasonality, hormonal shifts, time of day, immune status, mood, energy levels and outlook prior to establishing a Shower Moment approach to showering. The use of water itself should be considered holy, as a limited resource it holds a special place in daily life. Elevate showering with the pleasure principle, making something feel and smell good will take a basic to the transformative. Access health, vitality, beauty, warmth and positivity in the powerful release of cleansing in water. 

The botanical ingredients that bring the aromatic benefits to showering are important. Smell communicates directly to the limbic system basically telling your brain how to feel -clear, focused, alert, happy, sleepy, relaxed... pick your Shower Moment and trust what it does to improve your life!

shower moment