well-scented home

A well-scented home is clean,
filled with fresh air, light and plant life.

A well-scented home opens to rare woods, wildflowers, ripe fruits, and warm spices.  

Use naturally abundant scents to create transitions between spaces, set a mood and create a positive atmosphere.

Scent is so personal that part of coming home, being at home or hosting guests into your home should always feel welcoming. The way things smell is also seasonal and unique experience depending on the natural environment you are surrounded by. Aromatics by the sea are spiked by the salty air, in humid climates they are stronger because they linger in the air and the opposite for dry desert environments.

The most important factor to consider in scenting a space is to remember that scent goes straight into the limbic system and can influence mood and energy, trigger “feel good” hormones, impact productivity, memory, pleasure, drive and outlook. Selecting scent for your home and any space that you spend time in should be approached thoughtfully. Scents are vibrational, meaning that smell has a vibrational frequency based on its molecular structure - rose for example is very dynamic with over 130 molecules that together create one of the most wonderful sensory experiences. 

Scent has also traditionally been used to bring in new direction, cleanse a space of energy, add a blessing, refocus attention, draw in positivity  - its powers are endless. We recommend keeping a cabinet of curiosities dedicated to aromatic candles and mists to draw from and pair together and to keep the long-lasting and generously scented diffusers as a welcoming core. Aromatherapy has well-documented health benefits and brings immense pleasure.


well-scented home

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