red flower is obsessed with taking care of your body.

It is our first and greatest passion to engage the senses with the most incredible natural ingredients in abundance and let them layer in flowers, herbs, minerals, plant extracts, mushrooms in washes, oils, clays, polishes, scrubs, buffs, mists and creams over the skin to introduce a transcendent sensation to every shower.

A more authentic version of self care is the red flower way, the feeling of every product is so high and luxurious and pleasurable that the goodness just washes over you, lose yourself into a wild, practice a ceremonial purification ritual, get close to the wisdom of bathing traditions and find  the vitality of optimal health.

We like to think of taking care of the body as a total experience - one that engages the five senses, one that gets the blood flowing for a glow from inside out, one that improves mood and enhances the way skin looks and feels, one that layers in magical combinations that are personal and powerful. Whether you are seeking a total curative escape or just a simple daily cleanse bring the very essence of nature to your body.