Eliminate frizz, scalp health and hair growth, moisturize hair, boost luster, volume and shine, smooth curls, ease tangles and best of all smell amazing

Before stepping into shower place one drop of Illuminating Rose Collagen Renewal Face Serum on top of the part line and with fingertips massage fully into the scalp and back of the neck. Fully wet hair prior to application of the cleanest ingredient hair wash experience, Palo Santo Hydrating Hair Wash is high in essential fatty acids to nourish strands and lock in moisture,  contains no sodium lauryl sulfate or other harsh chemical agents and lathers gently without stripping hair and limits need for daily washing.

A shift to clean and natural ingredients means a shift in hair habits. start by thoroughly soaking strands, gently massage hair wash into the scalp. This new sulfate-free super-clean blend does not have harsh chemical lathering agents, so another quick dip under the showerhead paired with more scalp massage activates the natural lathering capabilities as hair wash saturates roots. wring hair and apply Moonflower Smoothing Hair Conditioner to fresh clean strands. 

as a two step hair care routine, the conditioning step activates the moisture present in hair from the hair wash, for smooth silk strands. aloe barbadensis leaf juice: aloe barbadensis leaf juice has over 200 powerful nutrients that penetrate the skin 4x faster than water. a range of powerful antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and anti-inflammatory compounds, aloe is one of the healthiest skin-enhancing plants in the world and one of the only vegetarian sources of vitamin B12. coconut glycerin: triglyceride-rich moisture that acts as a humectant for dry hair, drawing softness. Helps to nourish hair follicles for a healthy scalp. plant panthenol vitamin B-5: binds the hair follicles and helps retain moisture to prevent brittle, dry hair. makes detangling easier and adds shiny luster and softness.

RINSE WITH COLD WATER. Locks in moisture and gives the body and mind a contrast hydrotherapy boost. Comb fingers through strands and once dry mist all over with Orange Quince Steam Mist as a last layer of aroma and shine.

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