bath rite

Taking a bath should hold a significant place in everyone’s life.

A rite is a customary observance or practice.  If bath time is treated as a rite every aspect of bathing takes on a purposeful feel. Bring focus and dedication to bathing and recognize the powerful benefits that extend from physical release to an improved mental and emotional state and smooth, glowing skin. The bath rite is ceremonial, ritualistic, worshipful and even medicinal - it is the richest tradition of purification. A red flower bath rite takes into consideration every aspect of devotion to detail to elevate the approach to the watery, warm soak. Consider it a rite of bathing.

Forest Bath Rite   Flower Bath Rite   Fire Bath Rite

Each bath rite offers a process to achieve a higher state of wellbeing one or all should be incorporated into a bi-weekly observance. The bath rite should not be optional, it should be fundamental - like eating well, exercising, connecting with family and friends, creative expression and personal potential, a bath is an essential part of living fully and healthfully - a deeply delightful experience and beautifully simple. For those without a bath at home, red flower recommend a portable bath to fill with hot water, there are certain minerals that can only be absorbed by soaking. The tonic and curative effects of the bath rite are life transforming and totally healing. Baths and bathing have been such a huge part of human health that there's a bathing tradition on every continent and red flower offer a path into the Scandinavian, Japanese and Moroccan traditions with Nature, Japan and Hammam as part of dedication to the bath ceremony. The bath rite is part of that tradition while encouraging a new look at prioritizing the bath as part of a personal health practice. Start soaking.

bath rite