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Exposure to harsh weather conditions is especially damaging to the skin and pre-exposure and post-care are essential to keeping skin healthy. 

Protecting skin first is about minimizing exposure with coverage (like a hat, uv clothes). Before heading out into the elements a generous application of lymphatic phytopower sea cleanser and masque, essential omega fresh berry oil serum, illuminating rose collagen renewal face serum, tangerine fig butter creme and nourishing lip balm can make all the difference.

“When the weather turns cold, face cream becomes a skin care survival tool, an insulating layer that supplies moisture and prevents it from escaping. “The simple act of putting it on will make you look better,” said Boston dermatologist Ranella Hirsch of a rich cream’s immediate smoothing and plumping effects.” Kari Molvar WSJ

In Snow

being outside in the snowy cold feels alive and even has benefits for the skin like improving circulation and has a tonic effect on pores so enjoy the outdoors. layers of protection can add to the benefits of being outdoors in winter weather and help prevent the damage of windburnt, dry, flaky and chapped skin. layering skincare allows ingredients to penetrate more effectively and enhances protective barrier. begin with winter resilient berry rich nature essential omega fresh berry oil serum over the face, scalp points and over the whole body. for the body apply a generous quantity of tangerine fig butter creme followed with a full body and face application of lymphatic phytopower sea cleanser and masque. for the face do not fully blend in the masque rather leave on as an invisible protective barrier. 


further for the face apply omega eye cream and illuminating rose collagen renewal face serum in light dabs over the layer of masque. another effective tip is to apply the lymphatic phytopower masque + rose serum to lips prior to the coconut lip balm application (reapply as needed over the duration of outdoor activity). if outside is  snowy layering home should be a cozy candlelight and restorative bathing. we really love wanderlust in hair and body for this season, it has a snowy, firewoody feel and is full of moisturizing nutrients. be sure to apply nature essential omega fresh berry oil to damp skin before drying off! according to Boston dermatologist Ranella Hirsch “To trap in moisture, she said, put oil on damp skin, “ideally within a minute of washing your face (and body) *icelandic moonflower and wanderlust candlelight adds to the delights of winter. *WSJ

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