For some, it is a nightly ritual, a welcoming respite, embraced at the end of each day. For others, it is a rally against the dark and an obstacle to work and play. While sleeping is essential, it is a largely overlooked aspect in the picture of general health.

sleep-wake cycles are determined by circadian rhythms. These are physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle, responding to light and darkness in our environment. Just as a lack of sleep can impair health, deep sleep can work to repair health and promote healthy immune function, a full night's sleep gives the brain a recharge and a glow of youth. The term "beauty sleep" exists for a reason.

Inspired by Better Sleep Month, red flower has curated a treatment collection to celebrate the power and importance of sleep, building a meditative bridge to a restful and tranquil night. 

Begin by lighting your favorite red flower petal topped candle, we suggest a night blooming flower scent of spanish gardenia, moonflower or french lavender. Slip into a deeply scented dream state with a soothing warm bath infused with moonflower, sandalwood and clove - just a 15 minute soak can relax the whole system, preparing you for restful sleep. 

Once out of the tub, nourish the whole body and pulse points with transcendent neroli, attar of orange and lavender by massaging euphoric midnight oil onto damp skin. Pause, place palms of hands to face and deeply inhale. 

Seal in moisture and further hydrate skin with moonflower softening lotion. To complete your ritual, mist face, hair, body and sleep space with dream mist, a rest-inducing blend of essential oils and hydrosol. 

Explore the full red flower sleep inspired collection below.

Sweet dreams.


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