Quality sleep is vital to health and adjusting patterns and creating new rituals as preparation for deeper sleep can have positive effects.

Dim lights and bring aromatherapy into the room an hour before bed. Keeping an Icelandic Moonflower Intensely Scented Diffuser in the sleep area is a great way to access dreamy quality sleep and this aromatic can be enhanced by adding warming florals like night-blooming Indian Jasmine and Icelandic Moonflower candles, night-blooming flowers are set to the light of the moon and are associated with lowering anxiety, improving cognitive function and quality of sleep.

A warm bath in Neroli Cypress High Atlas Mineral Soak for even 15 minutes releases impurities and soothes the body.

Lastly keep a bottle of Rose Camellia Plum Blossom Soft Water Mist, Illuminating Rose Collagen Renewal Face Serum and Flowers Hold Life French Lavender Aromatherapeutic Body Oil by the bed. Mist pillows and linens prior to getting in bed and place a few drops of Illuminating Rose Collagen Renewal Face Serum on welcome fragrance meridian points (sides of nose) and temples and deeply inhale. The body oil should be applied to wrists. The calming nervous system response to aromatherapy, dim lights and ritualistic patterns is a sleep reset.

Sweet dreams.


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