dream mist set of 6

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set of 6, 7ml each

a made to travel (and refill) rest-inducing blend of essential oils and hydrosol. mist face, hair, body and linens for a more relaxed state of mind and improved skin hydration. heating, cooling and other environmental factors impact the whole being, especially while away from home so bring a little dream mist for a better day and night.  (a little side note, when you mist a hydrosol based spray into the air around you, it naturally increases the negative ion activity in the air for a few moments which is shown to improve brain function, that is one of the reasons why misting the face always feels so good!)

set of 6 dream mist is packaged in a muslin cotton drawstring bag

Ingredient List, Scent Notes & Process:

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How to Use

the gentle and relaxing ingredients are made for use all over the body and surrounding space, including bed linens - mist whenever a feeling of skin dryness, mind tension or sleeplessness needs a little boost  - to refill with any of red flower mists simply untwist and pour in. keep one at your fingertips, in every bag and on the nightstand.

for a sweet nightly ritual mist pillows and surrounding sleep space with dream mist, apply aromatherapeutic midnight oil over the whole body and pulse points, and light a french lavender candle. open a favorite book or take a few minutes to close your eyes and breathe in, before making a wish over the flame, blowing it out and dozing off into dreamy slumber.

size10 fl oz
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