WONDER WOMEN WE LOVE (AND WHO LOVE red flower) Maria Cornejo

Maria Cornejo/ Zero Maria Cornejo make the clothes that I wear and love. Her work is an expression of empowered beauty. That she is a neighbor in Nolita, NY and that she produces so much of her line here in New York City makes it feel that much more wonderful to drape myself in.

3 years ago

Baron Von Fancy

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Athena Theny

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Susan Short

7 years ago

Lisa Hedley

Savvy, practical and serene, Lisa seems quite at home in her role of translating ancient healing techniques for the motivated clients who seek her assistance. Her healing practice incorporates ayurvedic medicine, yoga, nutritional consultation and the development of daily rituals for balance and wellness. when we met, I was struck by her passion for exploration and simplicity of purpose.

9 years ago

GI James

red flower was so touched to receive this letter, and felt that today, as we remember the contribution and sacrifices of others, I should share this one soldier's inspiring words.  

9 years ago