hinoki mint mineral bath soak

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draw water’s energy into the skin

no daily ritual is more important to well-being than steeping in a healing bath. submerse the body in a therapeutic, mineral rich soak. lift the spirits with this blend of hinoki wood, chlorophyll and minerals from the deep earth. copper encourages blood flow to reduce tension throughout the body. the purifying and healing whole essential oils of owyhee, cypress, pine and hinoki combine to relieve inflammation and overwhelm the body with a sense of restoration. the therapeutic effects of chlorophyll soothe dry, stressed skin and enhance cellular regeneration. natural minerals and mint oil further reduce tension to deliver decongestant properties and combat cold symptoms, providing an instant fix to fatigue.

slowly soak to release the flow of vital energy in the body.
empty generous amount into a hot bath. step in. steep.

word on the street

this is a pure product. begin by washing. then gently scrub. softly buff. generously mist. warmly glow. feel. slowly soak.

soak in the curative effects of fragrant deep mineral buoyancy, drawing water’s energy into the skin. bathing is transformed.

succumb to the intensely relaxing and invigorating oils of hinoki, cedar, and mint. slip the body into a floating, watery citrus-mossy scented, mineral rich bath and release.

a cypress tree native to japan, hinoki is prized for its resilience and scent. used to build onsen baths surrounding mineral springs to impart its curative benefits and fresh scent of cut cedar into the steam-filled air of the bathhouse. this wood is symbolic of a natural state of living and the japanese onsen tradition.

packaged in p.e.t. plastic for easy recycling.
for external use only. never tested on animals.

made with awareness by red flower in the usa


slowly soak to release the flow of vital energy in the body.

with the curative effects of fragrant, deep minerals, hinoki mint mineral bath soak lifts the spirits, relieves inflammation and fills the body with healing restoration.

the health benefits of hydrotherapy are time-tested and profound. soaking offers a feeling of physical well-being, relieves the pain of aching muscles and calms the mind.

the baths of the onsen, filled with water that reaches temperatures of 104 degrees, are carved from hinoki, a sacred cypress tree known as “true-wood”, infusing oils that enhance the skin into the water and the steam-filled air a with woody, citrus scent. the red flower japan hinoki mint bath soak releases the benefits of the sacred wood into the everyday bath.

release tension and soothe the body with this blend of hinoki wood, chlorophyll and deep sea minerals

is a deep earth mineral used for centuries to draw out impurities, tighten pores, increase collagen production, encourage circulation and restore skin’s ability to repair itself.

tightens pores, enhances cell regeneration, oxygenates blood and soothes dry, stressed skin. chlorophyll binds to copper in the natural extraction process. The combination is unique in creating active, buoyant water rich in trace elements and minerals to rejuvenate the whole body.

blend of hinoki wood, spearmint oil, cedar and minerals from the deep earth to lift the spirits and relax the body.

to purify and heal.

the japan collection. a ritual based body treatment founded on the principle of stimulating blood flow through the body by blending layers of exceptional ingredients and pure scents deeply into the skin. inspired by the sensual and thorough art of caring for the body developed and perfected in japan. created to release the flow of vital energy in the body.

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an invigorating and therapeutic soak for those with poor circulation or congested airways.

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