fire bath rite

The Fire Bath Rite is a cleansing bath taken to rekindle the body’s energy. Ignite a spark by bathing in hot water combined with heat-inducing organic ingredients can reduce feelings of negativity, boost immunity, deeply detoxify and leave a lasting glow - light the fire within. A traditional fire bath is with performed by heating the body near a controlled fire (fire is high in negative ions so sitting near the fire feels good as a serotonin boost and also helps heal skin) another type of traditional fire bath is placing a cast iron tub over a controlled fire - we are not recommending either form but similar effects can be achieved.  Heating the body is a natural detoxifier and gives the feeling of a physical cleanse, an unburdening and an ardent energy. As you soak, imagine yourself looking up from an outdoor fire-heated bath to the bright night stars. 

Fire Bath Rite elements: candle flames, palo santo smoke, cardamom fire, hot water, red clay, ginger, clove.

“Heat cannot be separated from fire, or beauty from The Eternal.” -Dante Alighieri


Connecting to nature’s elements is powerful, fire heats the system and reduces negativity. Powerful anytime a boost or reset is needed.

Prepare the Fire Bath Rite

Water temperature should as warm as possible up to 112F

NOTE: Be generous with yourself and the amount of product you apply over the body.


Roll several heated washcloths. set at the side of the bath. Empty sides of the bath of any bottles, place only the palo santo candles and palo santo purifying body wash at the bath ledge. Run bath water to a temperature as hot as comfortable up to 112 F. Light candles and place one and half cups of Neroli High Atlas Mineral Soak and 10 drops of Cardamom Amber oil into the bath and run hand through to blend. Notice the water turns a warming shade of red from the moroccan red clay.  Place the bottle of Palo Santo Body Wash and the Cherry Blossom Rice Buff in the bath water so they warm up and further heat the skin on application.

Enter hot mineral-infused water from a sitting position - this is the way to go. Sit at a ledge with feet on a towel and then turn the body from a sitting position into a bath - toddlers to timeless. Once fully immersed in water apply palo santo purifying body wash in invigorated circular motions. The palo santo body wash is rich in apple, ginger, green tea, chamomile and cucumber to cleanse, restore and soften the skin. Ginger stimulates metabolism and warms the system.

Soak for 10-15 minutes. Continue to add hot water to the bath so that it stays as close to 112F for the full length of the bath. Close eyes, head back, place cool towel on top of head to reduce overheating and feel the body totally relax. As you soak, feel the warming energy of cardamom, clove, ginger, palo santo course through the body. Be replenished with essential minerals like sodium, calcium, zinc, magnesium and potassium essential to a feeling of positive flow.

Massage wild cherry blossom rice buff over the whole body to replenish and gently exfoliate skin, texture of warm milk this is the most enveloping heat sensation that gives enzymes and nutrients that are brightening and softening.

While the water is still at full heat, lift the whole body to the ledge of the bath and while sitting, step from bath to towel. The body will immediately cool but the heart energy and body temperature are warmed so a flush of contrast therapy takes further effect doing wonders to reduce pain, stress and insomnia. Wrap in a large heated towel. While wrapped apply cardamom amber oil from head to toe with warm palms.


Remove Palo Santo wood from top of candles and place into a porcelain dish. Light three Palo Santo Petal-Topped Candles for a release of energy and light. 

For just a moment concentrate on candle light and bring the light toward the face and body with cupped hands, focus on bringing the warmth and light in. 

Light the ethically sourced palo santo wood from the candle tops in a small porcelain dish, allow the fragrant smoke to clear the space and scent the room. 

Deeply detoxify, heat system and bring radiance to the body and skin. Intensely aromatic to vitalize. Bring light in and correct energy imbalances.  

Induce a higher connection to the senses, stimulate blood flow, warm system, feeling of glowing from within. Detoxify, restore energy, sensory connection, immune-boosting, improve heart health, improve blood flow, detoxify, absorb essential minerals, increase blood circulation,  promote lymphatic flow, unclog pores, invigorate circulation, exfoliate dead skin cells, stimulate the nervous system, feel energized. Reduce the occurrence of common colds and cold symptoms. An additional boost from contrast therapy to help increase melatonin and improve sleep.* Feel reset, energized and rush of warmth.

*A recent study showed that those who took baths nearly every day had a 28% lower risk of cardiovascular disease and a 26% lower risk of stroke lower blood pressure and a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, including sudden cardiac death and stroke  - The study appeared in the May 2020 issue of the journal Heart.

Scent, detoxify and balance the skin, calm skin eruptions and environmental damage, moisturize, soften and illuminate skin, remove dead skin cells, moisturize and replenish skin, cleanse and detoxify, improve skin conditions such as reduce psoriasis and dry skin, eczema and redness. Tighten and firm skin, look radiant and smooth.

The combined force of fire, water and sea minerals is cleansing, warming, energizing, rids feelings of negativity, stress-reducing and full of power. Lying horizontal in the bath has the extra benefit of improving mood and sense of fulfillment, igniting a spark from within.

Sip water with cardamom pods and feel the flame of energy, the vitalized glow and the positive state of mind.

“O for a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention.” -William Shakespeare

fire bath rite

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