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wild cherry blossom rice buff

wild cherry blossom rice buff

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wild cherry blossom rice buff

to nourish and soften

following in the therapeutic progression that begins by cleansing and exfoliating, softly buff with this nutritive blend of rice bran, cherry blossom and wild cherry bark extract which brings healthy omegas and softness to the skin. gently massage over the body for the healing nutrients of amino-rich rice bran to be absorbed directly into the skin. rice bran is a treasured humectant used for its high vitamin e content, hydrating fatty acids and its natural anti-oxidizing properties. the softening effects of rice bran are enhanced with cherry blossom to hydrate and tone, wild cherry bark to calm and soothe and silk extract to renew the skin. ensuring a supple finish and delicate scent to the skin.

sensory experience: an extra-softening act that feels so unusually marvelous as precious drops of rice bran extract are buffed over the body. rice bran is one of the few forms of gentle exfoliation that can also trigger moisture in the skin as it smoothes away rough and dead cells. when soaked in water and squeezed over the skin, it produces a replenishing, silky texture, like bathing in warm milk.

aromatherapy: be embraced by a delicate blend of florals and earthy warmth that eases the senses.

origin: throughout japan, villages would form around the communal natural hot springs. on their way to the bathhouse, bathers would fill a small cloth bag with “kome nuka” meaning rice bran. these bags would be steeped in hot water to release a nourishing blend of amino and fatty acids and vitamin e to restore the skin. this time honored treatment is still used today, with each generation experiencing the benefits of this simple yet powerful ingredient.

this is the third step. softly buff to release the flow of vital energy in the body.


this is the third step. softly buff to release the flow of vital energy in the body.

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