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orange quince steam mist

orange quince steam mist

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orange quince steam mist

mist to bring oxygen to the skin and recharge

mist orange blossom, neroli, quince, and cedar atlas wood over the hair, face and body to replenish and awaken. this blend of gently toning citrus oils and stimulating wood and fruit extracts act as a gentle peel to encourage renewal. lemon, pink grapefruit and neroli oils brighten mind energy, while helping to rid the skin of excess sebaceous toxins. anti-oxidizing and nutrient-rich, these oils contain vitamins a, b and c, used to brighten dull skin. with every mist, stimulate circulation to remove impurities from the skin's surface, tighten pores, and recharge with a dose of concentrated oxygen to brighten the complexion.

sensory experience: be in the dewy wetness of a steam filled hammam. softly mist this blend of stimulating citrus oils and quince over the hair, face and body to replenish and awaken the skin. deliver light hydration and a flush of oxygen to the skin, then mist anytime when in need of refreshment.

aromatherapy: a vivid charge of tart quince, pink grapefruit, and pure rose instantly lifts the senses and animates the mind, while the essential oil of neroli counteracts depression, anxiety and eases restlessness.

origin: designed for beauty and therapeutic purpose, the defining structural element of the hammam is the monumental dome. lined with tadelakt, a polished limestone that traps moisture, the dome captures the release of steam, allowing the healing and humid warmth to flow throughout the room. essential in detoxifying the body, steam vapor opens the pores allowing for deep cleansing. warming the body with steam heat relaxes the muscles and stimulates blood circulation, releasing bacteria and other impurities to the surface of the skin to be cleansed away. steam also hydrates, bringing a healthy glow to the complexion.

this is the fourth step in the red flower hammam collection. mist to draw deep impurities from the body and detoxify for a euphoric lightness of being.

this is an act of devotion. begin by purifying. then vigorously scrub. slowly polish. mist. bless the body with oil. enrich. relax.

one hundred percent botanically based and essential oil derived. flowers hold life. 
entirely free of all synthetics, parabens, dyes, petrochemicals and sulfates.



breathe and recharge

orange quince skin steam mist is the fourth step in the traditional hammam sequence. this is ritual succession has been practiced for nearly one thousand years to heal, detoxify and release the whole body.

mist this blend of orange rind, orange blossom, iris, quince, cedar atlas wood, rose and lemon over the hair, face and body to replenish, cool and awaken the skin. with each oil carefully selected for its skin brightening qualities and oxygen generating recharge. this blend of gently toning citrus oils, stimulating wood and fresh fruit extracts, encourages cell turnover to renew the surface of the skin. filled with rich fruit acids and vitamin c, it is a gentle antioxidant and very mild astringent. with every mist, stimulate blood flow and circulation and remove impurities from the skin’s surface, tighten pores, brighten and rehydrate the skin.

mist in the steamy humidity after bath or shower to quickly cool the skin, stimulating blood flow and circulation. mist anytime the hair, face and body need a recharge.

hammam means spreader of warmth. it is the word given to a sensual bathing retreat that evolved over one thousand years and traces its roots back to the roman thermae. circling time and place, the traditions found steeped in a present day hammam can be experienced from the far-reaching costa of andalusia, spain to the natural hot springs of turkey, tunisia and morocco.

this is a flow of deeply cleansing, detoxifying essential oils and plant, nut and fruit extracts, carefully chosen from indigenous ingredients for their therapeutic and healing properties. a sensual ritual of half-light, quiescence and devotion created to draw deep impurities from the body, for a warm radiance.



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uplifting Review by Jenny
I spritz this in the shower once the steam gets going and it creates a spa like experience. The smell is so uplifting and energizing. I also mist my whole body after a shower. (Posted on March 31, 2017)
Smells so good! Review by Liliana
I got my brother hooked on this spray. He tries to only use natural and plant based products, and loves this one. I got it for him for Christmas a few years ago and he's asked for it again multiple times since then! (Posted on March 30, 2017)
Wow! Review by molly
My go-to body spray. The scent change's on everyone who uses it. Makes me just want to relax next to the fire with a good book (Posted on March 30, 2017)
Uplifting and Grounding Review by Red Flower Lover
I love using this mist throughout the day whenever I need a pick me up or a moment to break the routine. I spray it all around my face and body, take a deep breath in, and allow the renewing aromas to fill my lungs and whole being. Though seemingly contradictory, the Orange Quince Steam Mist is both uplifting and grounding at the same time; a truly magical product from the ever-amazing Red Flower <3 (Posted on March 21, 2017)
Multi-Purpose mist with an amazing scent Review by Bianca (THE pearl spa)
I started out using this mist after showering as a way to enhance my self care regimen. As soon as I would get out of the shower, when my bathroom would be super steamy, I would spray it all over my body and hair, into the air and on my towel. I love the grounding scent. I feel like the rose, patchouli and jasmine stand out the most. Now I take it everywhere and use it at work, in my car and as a refreshing mist throughout the day. (Posted on March 18, 2017)
Amazing scent! Review by Nina
I love to use this mist right after I get out of the shower, it smells amazing and feels like a breath of fresh air for my skin. I also use it right after I finish applying my makeup and it leaves my face feeling so fresh! (Posted on September 1, 2015)