On procuring the finest, most natural product line for a gentle floral beauty experience

On procuring the finest, most natural product line for a gentle floral beauty experience

On procuring the finest, most natural product line for a gentle floral beauty experience

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Beauty comes to us softly, sweetly, purely.

At red flower, we believe in replenishing the power of beauty with our hand-picked formulations straight from nature. We’ve crafted the red flower skin care range to fit in with your self-care routine and wellness rituals so you can build your own everlasting sensorial experience that will help release the stream of vital energy in your body. 

Revive your dehydrated skin with the rose camellia plum soft-water mist, full of the natural goodness of grapefruit seeds and jasmine flower oil, as well as essential vitamins for help with the anti-oxidation process, opening up clogged pores. The plum wine serum brings a boost by stimulating cellular synthesis to fight aging,  giving you rejuvenated, hydrated, and refreshed skin. We were inspired by a Japanese cleansing process that focuses on elevated rituals of wellbeing and care for the body. 

Revitalize the glow of your skin and enhance its texture and pigmentation with the illuminating rose collagen renewal face serum. The rose essential oil concentrate wards off wrinkles and provides an immediate boost of nourished regeneration for radiant skin. The inclusion of mineral-rich natural ingredients such as ripe cloudberries, aloe butter, raspberries and avocados ensures vitality and everlasting wellbeing. The garden-fresh floral aroma has a gentle, mild and calming effect on the body and mind, which adds a complementing touch to the product. Apply the serum twice daily in order to stimulate internal circulation that will result in a therapeutic boost to your body. 

For a holistic wellness experience, try the red flower spa products such as the moroccan rose petal-topped candle. This vegetable-based candle wax with damask rose oil envelops you with the fragrance of fresh flowers.  The gentle aroma, which lasts 50 hours,  emanates from the essential oils to create a calming and soothing undertone and sensual freedom. 

We have always believed in the power of beauty practices that are simple, clean, and organic. This is why all of our products are not only dermatologically tested, but are completely free of chemicals and other synthetics. The greatest joy and beauty lie in the simplest things, the least complicated. Mother Earth’s pure bounty showers us with the path to beauty--we don’t need chemical peels and syringes. 

This shines so true in the brightening rosewater facial polish that we crafted to enhance, stimulate and revitalize your skin.. Many cultures have traditionally used rosewater on the face, and its benefits are numerous. At red flower, we bring this traditional knowledge together with ingredients that are made from one hundred percent plant-based sources to give you a gentle, delightful, uplifting way to care for your skin that leaves you fresh, radiant, and with younger feeling skin. 

Our unique formula includes jojoba pearls that add antibacterial qualities to keep your skin healthy for longer. Feel the difference in your skin when the vitamins and vitalizing rose oils transform dehydrated, sensitive skin to a restored complexion with a luminous glow. Exult in the wonder of your true skin, restored by nature’s gifts. 

Beauty is a sweet floral wonder. 

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