The sensory pleasures of Relaxing with red flower

The sensory pleasures of Relaxing with red flower

The sensory pleasures of Relaxing with red flower

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Our daily lives can be chaotic. 

Sometimes, we find time to take care of our work obligations, our home, our car, our pets, our loved ones, but forget to take care of the one who is taking care of all else: ourselves. 

We manage to find time for everything that is important, but we forget that we matter, too. Sometimes we’re in such a rush that we function in ‘‘automatic mode’’ and forget to live in the moment and to be in touch with our inner selves. I hope this year we realise that finding time to unwind and nourish our bodies is not a time to ‘‘treat’’ ourselves but an essential time that we deserve in order to keep our lives balanced. 

One of the things I like to do for my wellbeing is adding neroli cypress high atlas mineral soak to a hot bath to allow my skin to heal, detoxify and release tension. Scheduling thirty minutes of my time to take care of myself is truly time well spent, time that helps me to feel centered and calm for the rest of the week.  

Maybe thirty minutes is a very long time for you, so why don’t you take small steps into self-care? In five minutes, you can light an ocean petal topped candle to feel in touch with nature, escaping to the seaside for a while; or perhaps you can try the revolutionary powder facial masque to detoxify, calm and gently brighten your face. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether you’re taking care of your face, your mind or your being: you are worth your time.

Self-care practices not only allow us to deal better with stress and anxiety, but help us find joy, confidence, and sensuality within ourselves. I know for sure that when we’re happy within ourselves, everyone around us can feel it, too. 

One activity I’d recommend for anyone who is feeling uninspired and tired is mindfulness with aromatherapy. 

Taking time to simply sit in your meditation posture a few feet away from the jasmine grandiflorum intensely-scented organic room diffuser to focus on your breathing, picturing the diffuser vapor carrying away all the negative emotions you experienced that day deeply soothe the spirit. . It’s all about finding peace of mind; sometimes, all you need is a moment by yourself and for yourself.

But, as we know, good things take time. 

You wouldn’t expect to obtain a six-pack after a week at the gym, and the same is true of wellbeing practices. Making these moments part of your regular routine will certainly bring benefits in the long run.

We know that people often use products that, while they might make them look beautiful, can mar mother earth. But here at red flower, we believe in taking care of ourselves while taking care of nature: our products are organic, vegan and cruelty-free, allowing us to feel good without hurting the planet.

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