A letter from the founder

A letter from the founder

A letter from the founder

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Dear Red Flower Patrons,

This December will mark 22 years of business for Red Flower. I am so grateful for each and every incredible partner and deeply loyal customer that have helped shape who we are. We are honored to have the pleasure of serving you. I am so proud and excited of all that we have accomplished together since launching in December 1999 with six petal-topped candles and three certified-organic flower teas, breaking the conception of traditional beauty with the first-ever of its kind wellness offering at the most select, high-end luxury retailers. We continue to be trailblazers in shaping the most relevant trends and lasting principles in sourcing, formulation, service, technique and quality. We are constantly evolving in our journey toward greatness, where greatness means taking care of our environment, our team and our customers.

Please join us in the next round of groundbreaking changes that speak to our promise of sustainability and innovation.

A few years ago, an article on the massive waste and environmental impact of boxes hit the front page of the New York Times. This concern is also in response to our customers and partners asking us to reconsider our use of boxes. It's obvious that paper boxes are wasteful, even when made of recycled pulp (see below for a list of essential reading material on this topic), and since that day, I have been driven to find a way of celebrating a holiday without a mountain of excess packaging piling up next to the gift of Red Flower. Red F lower has promised to reduce its environmental footprint by 80% by going box-free on 80% of its individually packaged collection, with a waste-reducing, seamless single gift-packaging program to follow.  Our products will now be delivered to you with no excess exterior packaging in more space-efficient case packs to accentuate the essence of Red Flower - our all-natural, toxin-free, concentrated nutrients, self-care beauty practice, micro-batched by hand in greater New York soul. It's going to be a much happier day for an awful lot of trees.

 Celebrate with us.

"The role of packaging in materials recycling cannot be stressed enough. The package protects and informs about the product and enables effective supply chain logistics. While today’s packaging is considered to be highly advanced and well optimized, there is still room for improvement.  , Used packaging is often assessed as waste. This is a misconception as used packaging is a resource and should not be termed waste..  Finding new materials and tools to further optimize packaging is always on the agenda of every packaging technologist. But preventing waste throughout the supply chain must be balanced against the fact that lost product puts a much bigger burden on the environment than the packaging does." - WPO, World Packaging Organization

Another important sustainable initiative at Red Flower is more subtle but equally impactful. It starts by letting yourself be pushed to make good but hard decisions. Watch out beauty world. I am honored to be participating in the "less is more" design strategy. It also got me thinking about ways in which, in addition to using less packaging, what other positive impact we can make - we already micro-batch to minimize energy and water usage and offer the very freshest all-natural products. We looked at a short list of ingredients that we can better source, thereby offering a more potent variation. I am excited for the opportunity to make a more therapeutic product  - the difference might not be seen or even felt,  but we know it's there - look out for an even more wonderful, more sustainable ohana gingergrass bamboo scrub, yuzu mimosa sea algae wash, kinmoxei wild silk oil, plum blossom silk cream, hinoki mint mineral bath soak, orange quince steam mist, tangerine butter fig cream and flowers hold life scrub.

“Use less, love more”.

Amid the advances within Red Flower, and during this peak time of seasonal transition, we have decided to integrate seasonality into the heart of our company. It has been a personal mission for me to encourage consumers to connect to how they feel. How they feel in the shower, in the bath, while washing their face, while looking in the mirror, while waking up and going to sleep, while being in the beauty of summer, fall, winter and spring. To find bounty in the moments that matter. To be truly connected to the senses.

There is more great news to come and there is always more detail on redflower.com, and by phone and in person and you will be seeing and hearing from us soon. We are excited to celebrate the this year in a profound way with our fantastic partners and incredible, loyal customers.

Sincerely, Yael Alkalay CEO and Founder of Red Flower

read more on strides for more sustainable ways of packaging: CNN World Packaging Live Science Tree Hugger Racked

All Natural, Toxin-Free, Concentrated Nutrients. Self-care Practice.

Micro-batched by hand in greater New York.

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