Why I’m delighting in scents, embracing an unseen beauty

Why I’m delighting in scents, embracing an unseen beauty

Why I’m delighting in scents, embracing an unseen beauty

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We always associate beauty with what’s visible: breathtaking natural landscapes, physical beauty, art—things we can see, feel, touch. Somehow we don’t think of scents as “beautiful”. But if you stop to consider it, scents are an integral part of our lives. 

The distinct smell of the sea, a bouquet of fresh flowers, old books, wet mud after the first rain, coffee and vanilla—when I close my eyes and breathe deeply, scent transports me to other times and places, into my memories and my dreams. 

At red flower, we understand the power of scent association, so we bring Mother Nature into our intimate indoor spaces by inviting her scents into our homes.

Home scents for every mood.

In pandemic times, the world has been thrown into disarray, taking a powerful emotional and mental toll on us all. I find that fragrance transports me away from my stress and into other places and worlds. That’s why we crafted our red flower candles.

When I light a moroccan rose petal-topped candle, I find myself in Morocco, where guests are welcomed with roses. The inviting and calming scent of this candle makes me feel safe and relaxed. Every culture has its associations with the fragrances of flowers, and our flower candles will bring them home to you. 

In Japan, the peony is considered to be a symbol of serenity which represents compassion and beauty. Gardenias appear prominently in Spanish and Andalusian folk songs and art and instantly soothe the senses. The Indian jasmine, considered a gift from God and the queen of flowers, signifies attachment, and the fragrance helps relieve stress and uplifts the mood.

Feed your need to travel with the scents of red flower petal-topped candles. I find that it works well for me. Travel with french lavender, moroccan rose, japanese peony, indian jasmine, italian blood orange, icelandic moonflower, and spanish gardenia and experience their emotional and cultural significance.

But flowers are not the only sources of magical scent we have. When I’m feeling stuck, I light the ocean petal-topped candle to inhale the scents of the ocean. I find that it awakens my senses and reminds me of the coastal breeze, palm trees, and spices, taking me back to the sea.

The palo santo candle’s smoky woodiness is a reminder of the mountains, while the wanderlust petal-topped candle ignites nostalgia for travel: a homage to wandering without getting lost. Indulge your longing for exploration and freedom—but also an instant escape from the daily routine of living and working from home. 

The slow, velvety-clean burn of our red flower candles will fill your surroundings with the intense scents of freshly-picked flowers and other natural ingredients. The organic perfume of our candles will revive and soothe you.

Many people, particularly women, say that when they smell good, they feel more confident. Any perfume will change on your skin as you infuse it with your unique scent. Your favorite fragrance soon starts smelling like you. 

red flower’s wanderlust moisturizing body lotion makes for great everyday wear, the botanical smell of wanderlust and discovery lingering for eternity. Made of essential oils and 100% natural, biodegradable and biocompatible organic ingredients, the lotion is actually a collection of scents and memories from the meandering streets of the New York I so love. On this topic of fragrances that linger on the self, I’ll tell you why I love our red flower organic perfumes so much.

I feel that red flower’s organic perfume collection, including the red champa flower perfume and the ambrette perfume, offers a euphoric feeling, almost as if you’re cloaked in nature. They provide instant stress relief, making you feel positive and enriched, while also making your presence felt when with others.

Science has shown that beauty doesn’t just lie in the eyes of the beholder; it is also indicated and “sensed” by brain waves perceived through scent. Will you join me in wearing and feeling beauty? 

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