Slow beauty rituals from near and far, in the language of nature

Slow beauty rituals from near and far, in the language of nature

Slow beauty rituals from near and far, in the language of nature

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How wonderful is it that we’re setting off on another year? And at the same time, how jolting an experience this is. Filled in equal parts with excitement for beginnings and growths, wonders and colours, but also with stresses and worries we carry from the previous year. 

Through it all, I ground myself in rituals of comfort. Rituals that keep the worlds within our minds and bodies calm even when the various worlds we move in might not be.

Most dear to my heart is the ritual of Beauty.

By Beauty, I mean the sort that goes beyond the surface. I believe in the bare-faced beauty that stays with you at six in the evening on a cold winter’s day, the beauty of soaking in a hot bath, or lighting an ocean candle. The beauty of home and homey-ness meets the beauties of cities, smells and feelings from across the world fill our red flower products, we keep botanically based, freshly sourced and sustainable by focusing on ingredients and quality. 

We love rituals of beauty that soothe and comfort, incorporating beauty from around the world and at home. Made in the greater New York, U.S.A., with a little bit of inspiration from everywhere in the world, red flower’s Italian blood orange scent fills you with the embrace of a Sicilian orange grove and the citrusy, rindy sweetness of am Italian voyage, in the ease of home. 

It’s a nightly ritual that leads you to your inner, centered consciousness and peace.

Beauty is also slow, set to the pace of the rhythm of natural, earth-given, organic, pure ingredients. Rituals of beauty rooted in nature’s harmony feel like the gentleness of a lingering scent from a wanderlust organic room diffuser, smelling at once like white woods, wild grass and the warm earthiness of a moss meadow. 

Much we experience now is so far from nature and natural goodness.  So much hurts the earth. 

A red flower kind of beauty brings a pure, wholesome pleasure, too: our diffusers come to you in recycled glass, good to the earth and good to you, packaged in recycled paper, and printed in a wind-powered plant. We want you to enjoy to luxuriating in the sensuous delights of freedom and pleasure that come from using a responsible product.  

At red flower, we speak beauty in the language of nature. We also value a clean, organic beauty of longevity, a beauty code that has stayed with us from our very first run around the sun in December 1999, and one that we take with us as we shine into this new round of 2021 and beyond. 

We love having you with us,


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