When beauty is fleeting, know it is time for rejuvenation

When beauty is fleeting, know it is time for rejuvenation

When beauty is fleeting, know it is time for rejuvenation

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There are periods in our lives where it gets difficult to see beauty. 

In sprinting to the subway platform or scrambling to meet a deadline, intruding back home on a long walk that feels ever so unending because of the heavy loads we sometimes carry in our minds, in the midnight ruminations and way-too-early morning overthinking, life is tiring at times.

red flower was founded with the vision to create and celebrate ritual and beauty in everyday life. We think about how to coax beauty and wellness and spiritedness back to tired skins that cover tired minds. 

Those moments of fatigue also inspire us to create what we make for you. We think about how to soothe and how to calm the storm that stress pours down onto our skins--increased oil production, dryness, irritation, inflammation, tension, and lines, lines, lines. 

What does your ritual for recovery look like? Over the years, I have experimented with various skincare routines to address tired skin. It’s taken a lot of work to arrive at the self-care beauty practice I now have, with all-natural ingredients to restore all-natural energy.

I start and end my day with the cloud cream regenerating facial hydrator. I guide my fingertips in gentle circular motions to apply it on my face, letting the fragrances of cloudberry, strawberry, jojoba, honey and apricot waft and linger. The cream provides a heady dose of antioxidants and vitamins as well as ellagic acid, activating collagen regeneration in the face. I find that this helps to reduce redness and dullness very well, and I also take comfort in the knowledge that this boost came from all natural ingredients, toxin-free, vegan, dermatologically tested, and most importantly, cruelty-free. 

This potent cream helps to bring radiance back to my face after all those long nights and long thoughts, and I complement it with the omega eye cream to brighten and soothe the eye area. The eyes are the windows to one’s soul--can you really blame anyone for wanting to put effort into ensuring the best framing for them?

Night and day, this eye cream helps to regenerate the eye area, lighten dark circles and reduce puffiness. Containing orro of rose damascena, rose hydrosol, cloudberry oil and raspberry oil among many other nature-given wonders, the red flower omega eye cream has a light texture and works powerfully, infusing into your skin vitamins A,C,D, and E, omega 3, 6, and 9 and ellagic acid to liven up the shadows of exhaustion I so often notice around my eyes after particularly busy periods. 

(p.s. In my research, I’ve found that ellagic acid, a compound found in raspberries, helps to combat wrinkle formation and traces of aging caused by collagen depletion. Mother Nature provides us so much.)

Sometimes the best way to end a tiring few days is to give yourself a short spa treat. On my home spa days, I incorporate our red flower revolutionary powder facial masque. Containing certified organic reishi mushroom, white clay, beta polyphenols and betacyanin beetroot, among other ingredients, this masque is suitable even for sensitive skin, and helps to detoxify, gently stripping congested pores of the dirt and exhaustion of walking the city. 

Reishi mushroom helps to brighten the skin; betacyanin reduces inflammation; sweet Otto of Rose damascena provides me with both an aromatherapeutic salve to calm my mind and a cocktail of vitamins and minerals.

And that is my ritual for recovery. Simple, clean, gentle, soft. Seeking radiance despite the everyday. The red flower spirit is one that believes wellness is a journey, one that never forgets how important it is to reconnect and restore. 

“Beauty walks a razor’s edge, someday I’ll make it mine” - Bob Dylan

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