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epsom salt

epsom saltbinomial name: magnesium sulfate
this detoxifying mineral got its name from the town epsom, england, where it was discovered in a spring in the early 1600s, bubbling up from the ground. after its discovery, visitors from all over the country set out for the town to experience the purging power of the spring for themselves. this magical mineral water was then sent out in stoneware jars throughout the land so that others could experience its internal and external soothing attributes. it is now commonly used by hydrotherapists in bath and body treatments for its fast-acting ability to draw toxins from the body. epsom salt occurs naturally as a pure mineral.

benefit: epsom is most commonly used in soaking treatments to ease sore muscles after a massage or exercise, and to treat skin inflammation. a hot epsom salt bath can also increase metabolism, circulation and relax the nervous system. it even acts as a natural antiseptic for minor cuts and bruises. the health benefits of epsom salt are both pleasurable and extremely effective.

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