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elemi oil

Elemi Oilbinomial name: canarium luzonicum
when the pale yellow leaves from the tall, tropical elemi tree begin to sprout, the tree, native to the philippines, produces a honey-like resin until the last leaf falls off. the resin is then steam-distilled and the remaining elemi essential oil is light yellow with a pine, balsam and lemon scent.

from the same family as frankincense and myrrh, elemi oil has been used extensively for centuries for its similar healing and rejuvenating benefits. an analgesic and antiseptic, elemi oil speeds up the healing process, making it useful in treating cuts, wounds and minor skin infections. elemi essential oil also has strong anti-aging properties, due to its ability to support collagen production, making it effective when used topically on mature skin. also blends well with other essential oils.benefit:

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