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Dawn Meadow Collection +
Keswick Hall Partnership

Keswick Hall owner and creator, Molly Hardie knows the Virginia Hills soil from years of cultivating the land and watching its uncultivated wild. It is her sense of wonder for nature’s beauty and depth of understanding for its habits and seasons that make the Keswick scent Dawn Meadow possible. She chose to work with Red Flower in crafting Dawn Meadow because she could see a capability to listen and a sense for the unspoken language of flowers. Paired with a life-long dedication to sensory biophilia, exploration of botanical scent extraction and belief in the power of global bathing traditions, Red Flower founder Yael spends time through each season clipping and distilling oils from wildflowers, trees and herbs to create the purest aromatherapies and drew special inspiration from her time with Molly walking the hills surrounding Keswick Hall. 

Dawn Meadow captures the resilience of nature, the optimism of dawn and the freedom of rolling hills. In every season the meadow bursts forth with promise and yields the simple and fresh aromatics that are steam distilled to become a signature and beneficial scent that captures the essence of a Keswick stay. Feel the clean herbs, flowers and grasses that fill every naturally vibrant moment with wild geranium, wild rose, mint leaf, lily of the valley, wild meadow grass, red clover, amsonia, iris root and butterfly plant whole essential oils and extracts.

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dawn meadow

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