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ceremony of the senses gift set featuring french lavender

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a warm oil infused bath by the light of a candle delivers an escape that relieves tension and stress in the body while calming the mind. red flower presents the ceremony of senses gift set, containing aromatherapeutic body oil, a generously scented petal topped candle, and hand crafted Céramique Dompierre candle plate, artfully wrapped with a red flower drawstring muslin satchel.
light the generously scented candle, release petals into bath, blend in drops of aromatherapeutic oil, steep. this simple practice transforms a bath into a nutrient-rich and replenishing hydrotherapeutic sanctuary.

create calm.

gift set includes:
french lavender aromatherapeutic body oil 
french lavenderpetal topped candle  

Céramique Dompierre candle plate 
red flower drawstring muslin satchel 

flowers hold life aromatherapeutic body oil 4oz. deeply relax, nourish and delicately scent the body. place a few drops of this highly concentrated blend of certified organic safflower, avocado and sweet almond oils in a warm bath or blend over entire body to nurture skin while enhancing energy, relaxation and a natural glow. botanical oils envelop with aromatherapy and well-being.

petal topped candle 6oz. nature's bloom is transported indoors. pure flower essence fills a room with the generous scent of just-picked flowers. blended with the purest natural-burning wax for 50 hours of presence and light. a slow, velvety and clean burn. 100% cotton wick and scented petals to toss into a hot bath, place in small dish to subtly scent a room, or enclose in a sachet to scent a bag or drawer.

Céramique Dompierre candle plate in designing custom candle plates, Marie-Ève considered and incorporated the distinct subtleties of each unique red flower scent; the delicacy of french lavender, the vibrancy of italian blood orange, the depth of moroccan rose. Céramique Dompierre candle plates are the canvas for the deeply personal ritual that is lighting a red flower petal topped candle.

biodegradable and biocompatible. made with certified organic ingredients. free of dyes, parabens, sulfates (sls), petrochemicals and synthetic preservatives. vegan, gluten and cruelty free. flowers hold life.




history: its fragrance has been used for over 2,500 years now. the flower's latin name is lavo, which means to wash. it was quite popular among the romance

origin: france in provence

essential oil blend: rosemary, lavender, peperina, orange peel

aromatherapy: potent calming effect, effective at relaxing nerves

language: purity, devotion, solitude, protection from ill will

Additional Information

How to Use

red flower hydrotherapy

by yael alkalay, founder and ceo of red flower

think of a weekly bath as a step into a fountain of youth, a meditative calm, a restorative walk in the forest. the powers of “contrast bathing” extend to boosting the immune system, improving sleep, reducing inflammation, improving circulation and blood flow, enhancing mood and inducing deep relaxation. discover the curative benefits of hydrotherapy.

to make the most of the potent health benefits of a bath try this:


  1. steep a cloth in aromatherapeutic-infused ice cold water, keep by side of bath, place over the top of head for a few minutes while soaking, this further stimulates the circulation enhancing effects of a bath soak - the key to reducing muscle pain and inflammation.

  2. soak for twenty minutes in water at 99F-104F, twice a week, with at least ¼ cup (large palm-full) of nutrient-rich salts. the body is especially in need of activating blood flow to deliver nutrients throughout the whole system during the winter months.

  3. while soaking, massage aromatherapeutic oil from tips of toes toward heart to further enhance relaxation, improve blood flow and experience the lasting beneficial boost of the bath soak.

light a candle, toss petals into water, add mineral-rich salts and blend in a few drops of aromatherapeutic oils - these simple acts are transformative, creating a water sanctuary rich in nutrients and replenishment.


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