italian blood orange refreshing hand and face towelettes set of 33

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perfect for travel and everyday on-the-go, the red flower italian blood orange hand & face towelette is a deeply cleansing daily essential that invigorates, brightens and replenishes the skin. all you need is a quick swipe to enliven the spirit, purify and tone the skin naturally. the revitalizing set of 33 anti-bacterial soft fiber cloths use whole essential oils of pink grapefruit essential oil, blood orange essential oil, orange blossom to cleanse, to moisturize and awaken the senses.  

key aromatherapy & benefit of each product 

key active ingredients: 

pink grapefruit essential oil: 
cleansing and revitalizing, the aroma energizes and uplifts, inspiring optimism 
combats muscle fatigue and stiffness and stimulates the lymphatic system, helping clear the body of toxins 
clears blocked pores and removes oil 
astringent properties remove excess water from body, toning the skin while improving skin elasticity 
naturally reduce exposure to bacteria and the risk of infection to help protect immune system especially when traveling 

blood orange essential oil: 
rich in vitamin c to naturally stimulate and exfoliate skin bright, fresh and invigorating aromatherapeutic properties reduce stress, tension and anxiety promotes collagen production and increases blood flow to skin soothes dry, irritated skin 

orange blossom essential oil: 
contains naturally occurring chemicals linalool and naringin which aid in cellular regeneration 
aromatherapeutic properties uplift and calm the mind 
contains antimicrobial properties to heal and reduce the appearance of blemishes 
helps relieve under eye circles, balances oil production and clears pores 

one hundred percent botanical. entirely free of all synthetics, parabens, dyes, petrochemicals and sulfates. made with certified organic ingredients. not tested on animals. packaged in 77% post consumer recycled paper. printed at a 100% wind-powered plant.


it has got the power to reinvigorate the spirits and rejuvinate the body with its powerful citrus blend made of orange blossoms, grapefruits, and lime. it is just bursting with juice, waiting to be plucked.

history: originated in sicily where it was produced way back in the 15th century

origin: italy and spain

essential oil blend: orange blossom, grapefruit, blood orange rind, italian blood orange

process: cold-pressed distillation

aromatherapy: the citrus oils birghten the mood

language: means generosity

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