for the cherished

Stimulating the senses can calm and comfort to a state of ease. There is something in our humanness that recognizes the act of purification as both necessary and holy. It is fundamental and elevating. Taking the time to make the mundane into extraordinary can be as simple as a mindset. Red Flower encourages that mind-set by deliberately pursuing something beyond expectations - every texture and aroma are bountiful and embracing. It feels as if you are being enveloped into a cocoon of flowers and anointed with nectar. This moment of sensory indulgence is ageless, timeless, dreamy and to be cherished.

“It is wonderful to be utterly cherished.”


Afternoon, Evenings and Weekends 

Late afternoons, early evenings and weekends are cherished times to escape into devotional pleasure.

NOTE: Be generous with yourself and the amount of product you apply over the body.


Wash with French Lavender warmth and freshness cleanes the body without drying. Inhale its bright aroma as you wash the whole body, rinse and towel dry.

Lymphatic Phytopower Sea Cleanser and Masque is one of the truly magical product experiences so multipurpose and beneficial  -  full of beta-glucans from certified organic reishi, chaga and maitake mushrooms it encourages collagen production and helps rid the body of excess fluids and toxins. maitake mushrooms increase the recovery of stressed skin and stimulate blood flow while boosting hydration. Apply 3 tablespoons in a layer over the face, body, hands, feet - compress the meridian points or any areas that feel tight  with both palms as you apply to enhance lymphatic drainage and for best effect do not blend fully into skin, let it work like a full-body masque. Our spa partners use Lymphatic Phytopower Sea Cleanser and Masque as a body wrap and this same effect can be created with warm towels. With the masque over skin wrap the body in warm towels and sit in the quiet bath space for a few minutes, cocooned. Massage any remaining masque into skin, it will penetrate fully and deliver a beautiful array of benefits. 

Layering is a self-care technique so deeply embedded into Red Flower it's like the ocean waves rolling onto shore, there is a natural cadence to layering ingredients and textures, application techniques and aromatherapy that is so pleasurable to experience. 

Follow the masque with a decadent full body application of illuminating rose collagen renewal face serum, the body is skin. Rose essential oil is full of vitamin A and D and antioxidants that bring instant and lasting radiance, it is a most unique and powerful ingredient that also helps ease the mind. It has been demonstrated for decreases of breathing rate, blood oxygen saturation and systolic blood pressure, which indicate a decrease of autonomic arousal** - i.e. physical relaxation and calm. Reducing stress impacts health and appearance of skin. Body of roses.

** Relaxing Effect of Rose Oil on Humans, December 19th, 2008

Complete the dreamy calm by enveloping the body in Moonflower Softening Lotion, the body will feel cool and a little boost to circulation is felt by the contrast between the warming rose oil and the lightness of the lotion. It feels like the lightness of being. Generously mist Orange Quince Steam Mist over hair, face and body to brighten skin and add to the aromatherapeutic high.


Begin by removing certified ethically-sourced palo santo wood from petal-topped candle and light in a small dish, this smoky aroma has such a rich folklore it's cloudy wisps feel centering

Light the palo santo candle is a warm, woody aroma associated with life-giving properties.

Replenished and pampered skin, feeling of soft ease. aromatherapeutic high.

Cleansed, replenished and hydrated skin, quiet mind and relaxed state of being, reduce muscle pain and tightness. reduce toxicity, inflammation and encourage lymphatic drainage. calm nervous system.

Delicate, gentle cleansing, restorative surge of moisture, naturally anti-oxidizing -  helps heal damaged skin, reduce skin disruptions resulting from the effects of hormonal shifts. Collagen boosting to leave skin plump-smooth, aromatic and radiant.

Relieve stress and melancholy and feel peaceful, comforted, relaxed and full of ease. 

Hydrating the body after a self-care treatment by sipping cool water with star anise seed, star anise is known to enhance the feeling of peaceful calm.

for the cherished

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