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wander playlist

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Autumn is for color, kindling, family, long walks, long nights, tranquility, and the joy of wandering.

As nature transforms, so does the human state of being. Our impulses are manifested in memories, our climate, the environment, and the everyday experience of life. J.R.R. Tolkien’s opinion on the traveler "not all who wander are lost" is only half the story, because it's those who stay put whose lives lack the wonder of new places, new experiences and new friends. You'll miss hearing new stories, and telling your own tales to those who want to hear. But more importantly, if you don't wander, you'll never experience the sweet, small joy of coming back home. Of embracing those who have missed you, and being held in their loving arms in return. A night in a bed not your own, or under a wash of stars on a warm clear night, is even more appreciated when you come back to the warmth of your own nest. Days of meandering on the open road are made even sweeter by pulling into the driveway of the home that holds your secrets. A walk through a glade, the crackle of leaves underfoot, and a hike across the hills is its own reward, but it's the telling of what was seen and heard that gives shape to the feelings. So explore the new, experience the ancient and wander along the shoreline, sidewalk, or dirt road. Take a moment to reflect and remember what brought you to where you are when you begin your journey. Drift along with us on this musical hejira into welcoming sonic shadows and lyrical light.

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