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WONDER WOMEN WE LOVE (AND WHO LOVE red flower) Maria Cornejo

Maria Cornejo/ Zero Maria Cornejo make the clothes that I wear and love. Her work is an expression of empowered beauty. That she is a neighbor in Nolita, NY and that she produces so much of her line here in New York City makes it feel that much more wonderful to drape myself in.

Zero + Maria Cornejo Spring Summer 2019 Runway from Zero + Maria Cornejo.

Red Flower has been touched and honored to know that she loves our work too - that the Red Flower scents, textures and ingredients speak to her views on women, sustainability and the necessity to replenish the body.  

A go-to of hers and ours is the Red Flower Flowers Hold Life Body Oils, just back in stock for the Spring season when an invigorating, all-over scrub (try Japan Ohana Gingergrass) followed by a nourishing body oil is the best way to shift the skin into a warmer climate. Flowers Hold Life Oils are a blend of soothing, penetrating and luxuriantly rich avocado oil, along with certified organic sunflower and sweet almond oil, full of restorative vitamins and omega 3,6 and 9. Start the day with brightening Italian Blood Orange and set a resting rhythm before sleep with a slow massage of Moonflower or Lavender.