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the rose renewal by Miraval

   Inhale love and exhale gratitude as
Red Flower sits down with Ella Hirsch  Davidson, Lead Massage Therapist at renowned Miraval Arizona’s Life in Balance Spa. Ella guides us through the journey of bringing The Rose Renewal Red Flower x Well+Good collaboration to life in the treatment room, inspiring momentum toward
a beautiful and healthful new year filled with self-care.







Q. What is your philosophy on self-care?

A. Clean inside and out! I think very critically about what I put inside my body, on top of my skin and in my surroundings. It’s not always perfect, but I am very conscious and mindful about it. The self-care has been quite a journey for over a decade. It came from a deep understanding and a deep passion for well-being.


Q. Where did you draw inspiration for this treatment?

A. When I received the raw idea and the objective for this treatment (release negativity and attract positivity through the Rose essential oil), I knew right away that I would like to create a thread to the Miraval philosophy that guests come across in any area they encounter on the property (food, challenges, mindful classes and spa), and to incorporate a few of my own beliefs and rituals. Also, knowing and collaborating with the Red Flower team for about a decade, I had to channel Yael’s passion into this service as well.

I must say that it came together in an almost mystical way; without sounding too corny, I feel like I truly had guidance from above.

Q. What are your favorite benefits of rose?


A. I can’t stress enough how much I love aromatherapy and how significant it is in my life. I thoroughly believe in its healing purposes.

Rose is one of the most potent and high-vibration essential oils; it can change one’s mood instantly. It is extremely uplifting, elevates the mood, and has aphrodisiac effects. I believe there is a great reason why Rose became a symbol of love.

 Q. Can you teach us about the featured Marma technique and its significance?


A. Marma points are practiced in the Ayurveda philosophy, similar to the acupressure points in Chinese medicine. They are source points for stimulating the removal of lymph and enhancing the efficiency of the body’s organs, as well as boosting the immune system. We use them in our Ayurveda treatments and they can easily be used as a self-massage self-care remedy. Some of the benefits of Marma massage include reduced pain/stress, tender or trigger points in the muscle, and improved energy, breathing, digestion, and mood.Utilizing these points during The Rose Renewal ritual with the rose quartz enhances the benefits and creates a much higher vibration.


Q. Please expand upon the importance of energy work in your practice.


A. I am a body worker and have studied the art of healing for over 14 years. During this time, I have studied and practiced different energy work such as Shiatsu, Reflexology, Cranio-Sacral, Chi Nei Tsang, and more.

It helps me to tune into one’s body in a much deeper and intimate level beyond the physical, in a way that conventional body work simply doesn’t. I know in my heart and soul and from the people I have worked on during these years that it elevates any Swedish style massage or a deep tissue massage to a total and much more complete healing experience. I simply can’t disconnect the energy work, even when I do more conventional type therapies.


Q: A fun special touch is the power thought deck of cards - tell us more! 


A: I am not religious but I consider myself spiritual; I love messages from the universe. If we only listen, we get messages ALL the time.
I use cards to get messages and clarifications about situations in my life; it helps reflecting where I am - at the moment - especially if I am confused or if I can’t understand why I am going through a certain “lesson”.
The Power Thought cards were written by Louise Hay. I was first exposed to her work over 20 years ago and I can truly say she changed my life!
These cards are so beautiful and positive and every single person that pulls a message from this deck is in awe how spot on it is.
I believe it adds a deeper layer to the journey of this treatment by getting an affirmation on which one can meditate during The Rose Renewal ritual.  


Book The Rose Renewal at Miraval Arizona HERE to experience the innovation, energize the body and mind, and create a radiant, beautiful inner glow.

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