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restful FRENCH lavender & friends

french lavender

pure, blue and alive. a scent of fresh softness and warm leather mixing with the earthy aroma of hot dry soil and a forest of balsam trees coming together to create something clean, perfect and forever. picked from endless fields of lavender, in the high altitudes and low breezes of provence until it blooms alive and fresh. one of nature’s most potent fragrances, it calms the chaos of life, simple and pure. a balancing blend of french lavender and whole essential oils of orange peel, an herbal scent of rosemary and a warming final touch of powerfully strong, sharp argentinean peperina mint, a brightness all on its own.

derived from the latin word lavare “to wash”, this fragrant herb has figured into bathing rituals for the past 2,500 years. used by the greeks and romans to scent their baths, and now raised in provence, france.

calming, balancing and clarifying. induces a calm and restful state. proven to enhance performance and concentration while studying and test taking

focus energy and reduce stress

for the driven. crisp, spicy herbs to inspire a workspace or complete a bath.

provence, france

steam distillation

lavender, orange peel, rosemary, peperina

devotion, purity, solitude, protection from ill will

flowers hold life is an expression of red flower’s biophilia. 

connect to the essence of nature.

day 10

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