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Stimulating the senses can lift your focus and energy levels to its full potential. The natural scent of citrus has been traditionally and scientifically proven to boost brain wave activity and mood. Absorbed into the body on application citrus also stimulates the blood flow and circulation energizing the system from within and out.

“Motivation is like bathing, you have to do it every day.”


Sunlight and morning are nature’s wake up call so to set yourself in harmony with nature’s call to action wake up early.

NOTE: Be generous with yourself and the amount of products you apply over the body.


Apply a full amount of Yuzu Mimosa Sea Algae Wash into the palm of your hands - inhale, this wash is one of the best aroma’s in the red flower collection. Mimosa is a summer blooming, sweet smelling pink puff of a flower and balancing its essential oil with the citrus edge of yuzu creates something altogether wonderful. Feel what you are about to apply to the body - to cleanse in plant’s energy is powerful. As you lather this sensory magic between the palms of the hands really feel the rich texture, it comes from the blend of aloe vera and sea algae - a double intensity of skin healing, softening, vitamin-rich benefits. The cleansing and purification should never feel drying, it should feel entirely hydrating and replenishing. 

Start by lathering yuzu mimosa sea algae wash from the feet toward the heart - this amplifies the stimulating effects of the yuzu!

Use significant pressure over the bottom of the feet, compressing each of the toes between the fingers. With a little more wash on the palms continue to apply pressure in circular motions lathering over the entire body toward the heart. Rinse slowly with warm water.

Follow with the best scrub experience you will ever have. Two tablespoons of lemon coffee blossom olive stone scrub - when you open the big bursting with goodness jar  - inhale. It is almost primal the delight that comes from the combined aroma of arabic coffee and essential oil of lemon rind. The texture of this scrub is wonderfully thick and rich and applies over the body with a sensation that feels both soothing and stimulating. Coffee is so powerful as a skincare ingredient because it contains caffeine, chlorogenic acid (CGA)and vitamin B3 (niacin) that provide a range of benefits. Enjoy the sensation of an intense exfoliation in sweeping motions from toes up while delivering antioxidizing protection, tightening and firming skin (the caffeine in coffee is thought to reduce the appearance of skin dimples and stimulate blood flow, while releasing water retention and inflammation)

BEFORE you bring a towel to the body, apply a few drops of golden flowers hold life italian blood orange aromatherapeutic body oil onto damp skin, then towel off with brisk strokes.

Mist body, face and hair with ionizing vita flower mist to enjoy a plant-powered, negative-ion induced mood boost and skin toning renewal.

Drink a full glass of water  - water with lemon hydrates the system. After a night of sleep and when you treat the body under hot running water it is important to replenish fluids.


Light Italian Blood Orange Candle  - aromatic boost and light

Sensory boost, focus, bright energy, vitalized circulation, purified, glowing skin, aromatic uplift.  

Cleanse, stimulate blood flow, firm skin, increase metabolism, boost energy, feel awake

Purify and brighten, remove dry skin cells, helps reduce redness and sunspots, firm, soften and moisturize skin. freshly scent and aromatic clean, natural anti-oxidant, protects and restores. 

The combined force of yuzu, pink grapefruit, blood orange and lemon-fresh citrus in this treatment are a natural mood booster that lifts spirits and clarity. 

Bring this self-care energy with you, it is something you feel and become, we find joy in helping you take care of yourself well.

for the driven

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