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Waves of sensory layers and aromatic abundance. hedonism-infused self-care, a little decadent and messy but so freeing.

“He thought he'd linger just a bit longer, let the bath take total hold, ease and alleviate, before he put on clothes and entered the complex boxes where people do their living. Nothing fits the body so well as water.”  Don Delillo


Great as a night-cap or as a dawn boost.

NOTE: Be generous with yourself and the amount of product you apply over the body.


A dry brush shower happens before showering. Before stepping into the shower stand on a towel or washable bath mat to apply Ohana Gingergrass Bamboo Scrub. This scrub is all you need to completely recover skin smoothness. With just a generous amount of scrub in hands, rub palms together quickly and see the texture of the scrub transform. Apply with an invigorating touch in sweeping motions toward the heart, removing dry dead skin, energizing the body and blood flow to firm and tighten skin. Let dry for a few moments and with dry washcloth (or mitt or body brush) remove scrub from skin in quick repetitive sweeping motions. Cellular turnover happens internally and externally, really getting into the instant changes resulting from the quick energizing motions and benefits of ingredients positively impacting skin appearance. It is nice to know that your efforts are lasting - by stimulating circulation and blood flow the system is activated and continues to look and feel better long after the immediate boost of the treatment. (neatly fold up floor towel with the brushed off scrub and shake off in shower for minimal post-treatment clean up.)

Before stepping in a steamy shower apply cardamom amber oil to the whole body, give hair and scalp a quick brush through. Step into shower.

Rinse off body with warm running water and apply a single spray-dose of essential omega fresh berry oil-serum directly to the part line in still dry hair - a little goes a long way. blend with fingertips into the scalp, back of the neck and tips of hair. Leave on for a few minutes.

Wash the whole body with the best body wash you will ever cleanse with, this is forest bathing in a bottle. This wash deeply cleanses without irritating and provides a delicate exfoliating effect with oat-based lactic acid. The aromatic experience is unparalleled, close your eyes for this on and smell the black pepper, violet life, sage, cloudberries, bergamot, lavender and elemi  - it is astonishing to inhale.

Palo Santo Hair Wash is cleanest ingredients to refresh and cleanse hair, wash scalp treatment and hair in circular motions, sulfate-free and toxin-free hair wash doesn't lather as much as traditional shampoos - it's a good thing, enjoy the lighter lather knowing that your hair is getting clean without stripping. Rinse fully and apply a generous Palo Santo Conditioner and finger through strands. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse with cold water - yes cold - in a few seconds stimulates scalp and seals moisture into hair. Also gives a boost of contrast therapy to the body further enhancing muscle release and circulatory system benefits. 

If the bath is separate from the shower then it should be hot and awaiting your immersion  - if it's the same as the shower, step out of shower, rinse the bath and fill with hot water. Disperse a cup of Organic Birch Mineral Hydrotherapy Soaking Plunge in hot water. Cover the body with essential omega fresh berry oil as you soak. Experience deep muscular, circulatory and spiritual relief through hydrotherapy as the body is rendered weightless. find release in this invigorating soak of hand-harvested certified organic grey sea salt from the coast of Brittany, rich in essential nutrients that rejuvenate and stimulate cellular turnover. breathe in earthy green violet leaf, crushed mint leaves, fallen pine needles, and warm rosewood to transport the senses to a place of untouched wilderness. The soothing bark extracts of birch and fir ease muscular and joint pain, while reducing inflammation. this warming holistic soak brings to mind the burning fires of dry-aged wood inside a hot cedar sauna, leaving the body feeling refreshed, revitalized and alive. Soak for 10 to 20 minutes, bring the candle closer to the bath to linger in scent. 

Before drying off fully from the bath apply cardamom amber oil over the whole body, oil absorbs more quickly to damp skin. Cardamom essential oil brings heat-boosting energy to the body and combined with lush essential oils it feels fully devotional. Pat the body dry and apply with a massage touch wanderlust softening lotion over the whole body. Envelop the body in a large warm towel. Towel off hair. Sit and feel the sense of release and abundance.


Light Ocean Candle  - aromatic boost and light

Cleanse and purify skin, revive hair and scalp, feel anointed, discover sensory reconnection. lustrous, naturally scented hair.

Detoxify,  increase blood circulation,  promote lymphatic flow, unclog pores, invigorate circulation, exfoliate dead skin cells, stimulate the nervous system, feel energized. Improve scalp and hair condition. Reduce inflammation. Additional boost from contrast therapy to help reduce muscle pain and increase vitality.

Smooth and soothe skin, remove dead skin cells, moisturize and replenish skin, anoint and leave glowing and be aromatic. cleansed, soft, shiny, fragrant scalp and hair. Increase hair volume, reduce stress-related hair loss. 

The combined force of citrus, spice and herbs is sensual and warming. Feel potent and sensory satisfaction. 

Sip cool water and mint and replenish hydration. Mint is a natural digestive and helps soothe and calm the system.

for the creative

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