the wet mossy earth, preserved under a flowing arctic river. a winter garden of flowers that flourish in even the rawest of environments. sea rocket, cassiope, apple blossom and moonflower blooming under the northern stars, a dreamy scent, carried in the mist. the pure innocence of freesia that radiates from afar and the grassy floral of boronia that transcends the night. the psychedelic and transforming power of the moonflower pod that transcends time and space. a moonlight filled trance.

datura, angel’s trumpet, this night-blooming flower was revered as a sacred visionary plant by cultures from around the globe. used by pagans and in nordic traditions to induce trance before practicing divination or going to sleep.

meditative, restful sleep

inspire restful sleep & transport the mind

for the creative. a grassy, transcendental, clean floral for the painter’s studio or before restful sleep.

united states, mexico, south africa and rainy regions of the northern hemisphere

absolute and steam distillation

river flower and moonflower fragrance oils and whole essential oils of rose absolute, sandalwood, clove bud, palmarosa, lavender, armoise, freesia, baronia and grass

visionary journey, transcendence

flowers hold life is an expression of red flower’s biophilia. 

connect to the essence of nature.


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