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potassium sorbate

potassium sorbatebinomial name: potassium sorbate
the third most abundant mineral in the human body, it is a source of balance, nutrition and moisture. this mineral of youth is a natural chemical element found in nature and the body and is essential for healthy living. as one of the safest and most commonly used preservatives today, this mild material is used in cosmetics, skincare formulas and food.

benefit: plays a vital role in cell regeneration and skin health. an anti-aging agent, it naturally kills bacteria and removes dead-skin cells that can accumulate and cause wrinkles and age spots. as an electrolyte, it maintains a proper moisture and ph balance in the skin, thus preventing and softening wrinkles. in hair care, it boosts follicle growth and conditions the hair to promote shine and smooth texture. with antimicrobial properties, it prevents and slows down the growth of fungi, yeast, mold and other microorganisms and protects products from spoiling. all beauty products that contain a large amount of water need to be preserved. this preservative serves as a safe alterative to parabens and is biodegradable.

The following products contain potassium sorbate: