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get well

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get well care package

rest, restore and heal

give the gift of good health, nothing uplifts the spirits like the vitality of nature. this thoughtful selection offers nature’s potency and lifeforce to boost the immune system, ease the mind and replenish the spirit. hinoki mint mineral bath soak is full of nutrients, steeping in its chlorophyll and copper rich salts relieves muscle pain, inflammation and restores energy with an affirming boost. light an ocean candle by the bath or bed to open the airways and fill a space with the wonders of eucalyptus and laurel, breathe in. essential omega fresh berry-oil serum completes the effect of wellness with a rush of anti-oxidizing fresh arctic berries and vitamins. replenishing, relaxing and so essential to a speedy recovery.

care package includes:

hinoki mint mineral bath soak

ocean little flower candle

travel essential omega fresh berry-oil serum


care package includes:
hinoki mint mineral bath soak
ocean little flower candle
travel essential omega fresh berry-oil serum

key aromatherapy & benefit of each product

key active ingredients:

a natural body cleanser, this is derived from cholorophyll (extracted from plants) and then stabilized with copper and applied topically or ingested. chlorophyll is a naturally occurring antioxidant found in plants. when magnesium is replaced with copper, the body is able to cleanse itself of imbedded toxins by binding to them and carrying them away. with the increase in blood flow and oxygen delivery, the body can rid itself of impurities and there is an increase in antibacterial actions.

as a longtime household remedy for treating everything from flu and sore throat to skin and muscle pain, its also an effective antimicrobial and antibacterial treatment, leaving the skin with a cool and tingly sensation. as a stimulant, it strengthens immunity, prevents and treats colds, and is the modern equivalent of smelling salts. its rejuvenating properties provide relief from sluggishness. the scent increases brainwave activity and counters physical and mental fatigue.

it delivers a boost of hydration to the skin to improve complexion and skin tone. high in essential omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin c and antioxidants, it replenishes and provides nutrient-rich moisture and reduces redness and skin sensitivity. it also inhibits uv-induced hyperpigmentation, reducing age-related skin spots and uneven skin tone.

for full ingredient listing see individual product page.

this get well care package comes artfully wrapped in a classic recycled red box wrapped with a cream ribbon.  an additional special touch is the enclosed message card on luxurious handcrafted paper to complete the perfectly thoughtful gesture.  available exclusively online at redflower.com and in-store at 13 prince street, new york city.

one hundred percent botanical. entirely free of all synthetics, parabens, dyes, petrochemicals and sulfates. made with certified organic ingredients. sourced from finland. not tested on animals. packaged in 77% post consumer recycled paper. printed at a 100% windpowered plant.

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