The 10,000

Red Flower introduces 
the First Press Skincare.

The 10,000, a Self-Care
Beauty Practice.™

All Natural Ingredients.
Supernatural Skin.™

All Natural Ingredients. 

ll Natural Ingredients. 


Six skincare essentials that are created from 10,000 concentrated antioxidant, omega and vitamin nutrients. Vibrational, aromatherapeutic, luminizing and vapor-light. Get very intentional about your beauty with a revolutionary experience in all natural ingredients for supernatural skin.

This first press of The 10,000 is only available to a special access few, a select group of customers who have loyally enjoyed the incredible quality of Red Flower Nature Illuminating Rose Collagen Renewal Face Serum. Each product has been blended to the most exacting methods of steam distillation, cold-pressing and raw extraction. The 10,000 is an unparalleled level of concentration of rose damescena, certified organic maitake mushroom, raspberry and cloudberry compounded for potency and freshness. It brings a feeling of pleasure that indulges every sense and unites radiance inducing, skin-boosting benefits with a self-care beauty practice that is powerfully regenerative and positive. 

The 10,000

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