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  • hibernate playlist

    Draw your surroundings close to you like a favorite old quilt. Luxuriate in the stillness of the world after the snow has fallen. Warm and nourish yourself with the knowledge that every day after the solstice, the light lasts just a little bit longer.


  • wander playlist

    Autumn is for color, kindling, family, long walks, long nights, tranquility, and the joy of wandering. As nature transforms, so does the human state of being. Our impulses are manifested in memories, climate, environment, and the everyday experience of life. Drift along with us on this musical journey into welcoming sonic shadows and lyrical light.


  • sleep playlist

    as you slip into the aether, weightless and drowsy, we offer a soundtrack as an elixir, a sonic guide to get you there. this is the sound of your environment as you drift off to sleep, a soothing mix of old and new beatless ambient music.


  • festive playlist

    Get your energy level up with this eclectic mix of upbeat, invigorating tunes. Take a dance break or three during your day.


  • spring playlist

    Renew yourself during the season of rebirth and growth. Meditate in the warmth of the strengthening sun and reflect during the cool nights. We offer an eclectic mix of music to push you along the path from spring to summer.


  • love playlist

    red flower offer a new approach to the concept of beauty. in that spirit, join us on a musical journey around the world and across the decades. with an eclectic blend of old and new, embracing indie, ambient, folk, jazz and the native sounds of cultures spanning the globe, these songs explore love in all its forms and emotions.


  • all playlists

    Enjoy a wide collection of relaxing nd pleasing tunes selected by us for the Red Flower Playlists.


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