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adventures in spa: The Garden of Eden at Eau Spa, Palm Beach

Adventures In Spa - The Garden of Eden at Eau Spa, Palm Beach

Follow along from check-in to blissed out as Erin experiences the Garden of Eden body treatment at the Eau Spa in Palm Beach.

When first entering the Eau Spa at the Eau Palm Beach Resort, I was greeted with the beautiful and tranquil scenery expected of a luxury spa experience: meditative waterfalls, flickering votive candles, tranquil pools…

…and then I spied a rubber duck in a bathrobe and face masque.

I knew at that moment I was in for a treat.



The Eau Spa has curated a supremely unique spa environment by encouraging guests to have a little fun. The irreverence and whimsy found around every corner ensure that a smile will always be on your face, from the moment you enter the “Eau Zone.”




Upon checking in with the front desk in the (not to be missed and expertly curated) retail boutique, I was guided to my consultation with spa concierge. This process usually entails a medical survey, emergency contact, and other such administrative must-dos. Eau Spa, however, has flipped the switch and set the tone with their cheeky pre-treatment checklist. It begins with the standard “Taken off all jewelry? Turned your phone on mute?”, but soon evolved to some of my favorites:

Blocked all calls from the office?

Remembered how to laugh?

Thought of the name of your new rubber ducky?

Are you nibbling a cupcake?

I could go on.



At the end of the survey the concierge introduced me to the three foundational intentions of Eau Spa: Pause, Play and Perfect. I was asked to choose one as the intention for my treatment experience, and being the Virgo New Yorker that I am, I naturally chose Pause. My concierge then led me to large flowing pool of water in the reception area filled with floating votives. I was handed one and asked to make a wish, then add my votive to the pool to begin my treatment. I know what you’re thinking. No, I will not tell you my wish. And yes, it did come true.

I was then given a tour of the Eau Zone, which encompasses Eau Spa’s expansive indoor and outdoor relaxation areas. First is a vast indoor lounge area with an eclectic assortment of magazines, tea, water, and, most importantly, cupcakes. I eyed the vanilla delight that was to be mine, and continued on past the earthen-hued sauna to the steam room and whirlpool area. Dimly lit with a plethora of flickering candles, the area also boasted four heavenly heated lounge chairs.

Once I received my locker (with super nifty waterproof wristband to lock and unlock), I headed straight to the main event of the pre-treatment Eau Spa experience: The Garden.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. Arrive for your treatment EARLY! I gave myself a full hour to enjoy the amenities, and I can tell you with full confidence that I could have arrived 3 hours earlier. Easily.



I made my way down past the oversized lounge chairs to the far end of the garden, which contained hanging lounge chairs suspended over a shallow pool of water. After rocking in this cozy cocoon for five minutes, I felt a complete and utter zen wash over me. This chair could be a treatment in itself!

I eventually peeled myself off of the suspended chair and enjoyed the steam room and whirlpool until my therapist Edwitch picked me up from the relaxation area. She guided me into the Eau Spa “Pause” Villa, illuminated in calming blue and playing a perfectly soothing playlist. The mood was set.

Edwitch invited me to sit on the chaise lounge in the villa (Yes. There was a chaise lounge. In the villa.) and verbally guided me through the treatment. This is usually a highlight for me, as I like to have a bit of a roadmap so I can check in with myself throughout the treatment. She explained that the treatment would begin with a 30 minute soak in the villa’s private outdoor lounge, followed by a 60 minute massage.



I could choose between two red flower soaks for my treatment: the hinoki mint mineral bath soak, which would boost my immunity and oxidize my skin, or the neroli cypress high atlas mineral bath soak, which contains rhassoul clay and dead sea salts to deeply relax and detoxify. I harkened back to my “Pause” intention and decided to go with the neroli cypress soak. Edwitch then offered me the signature Eau Spa opening gift: a taste of local honey, exclusively sourced and bottled for Eau. Since The sweet bite instantly began to soothe my travel-born congestion. With that I was led outside to the outdoor bathing villa, or as I like to call it, personal-open-air-haven-from-which-I may-never-leave-again.




This space is the zen garden to end all zen gardens. The giant sloped bathtub had already been filled with my bath soak and a touch of red flower active organic milk forest purifier, creating a sea of bubbles. A slowly revolving fan kept me cool underneath the dark wooden pagoda that also presided over a stone outdoor shower. The perfectly petite waterfall next to the tub helped me get out of my own head and truly let go of my thoughts. The deep, earthy scent of the bath soak put my relaxation level truly over the edge and I found it oddly meditative to play with the bubbles in the tub, feeling each of the millions of suds pop on my skin one by one.

What felt like 3 blissful hours later (real life: 25 minutes), Edwitch quietly knocked on the window to let me know that my massage was to begin in about 5 minutes. I transitioned from the bathtub over to the outdoor shower to rinse off the remaining bubbles. Let me tell you. I LOVE an outdoor shower. There is something so magical about feeling the hot water rhythmically pattering onto your skin while being able to look up at the open sky. I could have eaten up another 25 minutes under that shower…until I remembered that I had a massage to get!



Back in the massage room, I quickly used the en suite restroom then positioned myself face down (as Edwitch had previously instructed) on the perfectly warm massage table. To open the massage, my back and legs were undraped and gently misted with rose camellia plum soft water mist. It felt like I was lying by a waterfall and being sprinkled with cool, sweet droplets of tropical water. My body was then re-covered, and the massage was underway.

The pressure started off rather mild at first, and after a minute or two Edwitch checked in with me to make sure it was alright. I, for one, come from the beauty-is-pain school of thought, so I let her know that she could bring on the pressure. Her hands were expert- finding every little knot that New York had twisted and deftly unraveling it. The invigorating scent of juniper started to waft through the room, and I knew that the essential omega fresh berry oil serum was doing its work. The juniper in the serum releases lactic acid from the muscles, releasing stiffness and pain in tight muscles. Yes, and please.



The massage continued for 60 glorious minutes. After a generous neck and scalp massage, Edwitch gently misted the rose camellia plum soft water mist over my face to signify that most regrettable time of day: the end of your most amazing treatment.

I slowly peeled my blissed-out self off of the table and put my robe back on, then Edwitch met me outside of the room and escorted me back to the Eau Zone. She invited me to enjoy the amenities post-treatment (twist my arm…) and to drink plenty of fluids as my body was now in detox mode.

As I returned to my favorite suspended chair and traced my toes along the top of the shallow pool beneath, I took a moment to reflect on the experience of the Garden of Eden. Beyond the obvious relaxation that spa treatments provide, Eau Spa invites you to truly enjoy the experience and have a little fun while you’re at it. Treatments can be both blissful and boisterous; that’s certainly the kind of Garden of Eden I’d like to spend my time in.

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