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adventures in spa - Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Sahra Spa

Adventures in Spa

Red Flower Hammam Experience at the
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Sahra Spa

Follow Erin as she ventures a few steps off the Vegas strip and into another world at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Sahra Spa.

When I say Vegas, what comes to your mind? Slot machines, surely. Celebrity concert engagements? Possibly. Hammam? Probably not.

After receiving the red flower Hammam Experience at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Sahra Spa, it certainly will.

I have never experienced anything so rhythmic, unique, and deeply purifying, and I can say with full confidence that I will enjoy reveling in the retelling of every delicious detail. Read on, dear friend.

When you book a treatment at almost any spa, they recommend that you arrive early to enjoy the amenities before your service. When you book at the Sahra Spa, heed that advice. I arrived 30 minutes early, and still could have used an extra 30 to fully delve into all this spa has to offer.

I was met immediately upon check-in by my Spa Concierge, Autumn. She offered me a delicious pre-treatment protein bite and guided me through the ladies’ spa area. I slipped on my luxuriously fluffy robe and surprisingly stylish spa slippers, and headed into the relaxation area. I began in the eucalyptus steam room since I was feeling a bit congested from my travels. This room had a perfect amount of steam, and the temperature was juuuust warm enough to relax my tired muscles. The amount of eucalyptus oil was absolutely on point- I was able to open my stuffy airways right up. (TMI? Perhaps.)

I then popped into the cool mist room, which I was fearful was going to be the in-room version of a cold plunge (super beneficial for the circulation, but not my favorite). The second that I closed the door, I felt like I was standing at the base of a waterfall. The mist was falling downwards in the most delicate way! I could feel each of the thousands of cool droplets gently fall on my skin one at a time. Heaven. Red flower nature lovers: it felt exactly like stepping into a cool chamber filled with ionizing vita toning flower mist. AKA my dream come true.

After a quick pop into the dry sauna, I spent some quality time with the powerful jets in the relaxation pool. Head’s up to all future Sahra visitors: the relaxation area is clothing optional, so you are free to wear a swimsuit or not. I felt completely comfortable, as did everyone else (who were in their own worlds of pure relaxation, and had no interest in any other humans around them).

It was then time to hit the relaxation lounge to await my therapist. I was greeted by a yummy array of granola, trail mix, fresh fruit and grapefruit-rosemary infused water. I had just enough time to enjoy a few bites before I was picked up and whisked away by the incredible Lauren. We briefly chatted on the way down the canyon-hued hallways, until we arrived to the hammam.

I took one step into the room, and experienced a 5,000 mile journey to Morocco. I felt radiating heat on my skin, I could hear the gentle and continuous flow of water from a golden faucet near the table, and my eyes wandered down the rich, earthen walls to the intricately tiled floor and up to the hammam room’s majestic centerpiece: a grand, flat stone that commanded a majority of the room.

Originating from Roman Thurmae baths, the traditional Turkish and Moroccan hammam is a steamy atmospheric world where the bather comes to purify and socialize. The bather will journey through a gently descending ritual of heat, beginning at the highest temperature and gradually progressing through cooler chambers. As the ritual progression of the hammam experience intensifies, the bather is deeply purified and relaxed to a state of euphoria using heat and steam. Steam heat opens the pores, encouraging the body to perspire, and to ensure healthy balance in the body.

Lauren explained to me that the large heated stone is called the mother stone, and that the entire treatment would be taking place on top of it. Every inch of the room, including the floors and walls, conduct heat to encourage the release of toxins from the body. She then guided me through the flow of the treatment, showing me the array of red flower hammam products that she would be utilizing, and instructed me to lay on the towel she had set on top of the mother stone.

What followed was one of the most soothing sensations I have truly ever felt. Lauren slowly collected water into small copper bowls, and cleansed my entire body from my feet up to my neck. Alternating between a delicate stream and an invigorating slap, there was something truly ceremonial in the rhythm of the cleanse. Once I was fully rinsed, I was cleansed with moroccan mint tea silt purifier. The cool spearmint leaf oil released a delightful tingling sensation while the silt gently polished my skin.

I was once again rinsed, and then vigorously exfoliated with a traditional kese mitt used in the hammams to reveal fresh new skin. While extremely intense, I never found the exfoliation to be uncomfortable. Another rinse followed, and then it was time for a gentle polish with lemon coffee blossom olive stone scrub. The exfoliation began on my feet, so I was able to concentrate on the sensation of the sugar, olive stones and crushed almond finely polishing my skin. As the exfoliation continued up my body, the heavenly scent of Turkish coffee and lemon was added to the myriad of sensations I was experiencing. Once perfectly polished, it was time for another rinse which left me only smelling the uplifting lemon essential oil.

I usually spend my treatment time with my eyes rested closed to focus on the feelings and sensations, but I had to peek my eyes open for this next phase. Lauren pulled out what looked to be a mosquito net pillowcase, moistened and filled with soap. She then waved it around in circles and twisted it closed, somehow magically filling it with bubbles. Starting at my feet, she squeezed the soap out of the bag and onto my awaiting skin. I can honestly say I have never felt anything like it- the gentle pillowing effect of millions of tiny bubbles, encasing you completely and effervescently popping on different parts of your body. As Lauren rubbed the soap into my skin, I was completely shocked to feel how soft my skin was against her hands. Surely the most supple it has ever been.

The whole luxurious process was then repeated on the front of my body, awakening a whole new plethora of sensations. My favorite moment from this portion was a technique that Lauren employed with the copper bowls of warm water. She poured two bowls in tandem- one over my shoulders and neck, and one over the top of my head. I have never felt such calm in my entire life. I couldn’t help but chuckle afterwards, picturing myself trying to recreate it in my New York City bathtub. Make no mistake- I’m going to try!

Once I had been completely buffed and cleansed, Lauren applied jasmine rose rhassoul clay in soothing strokes to my entire body. The scent is intoxicating; almost as much as the generous scalp massage I received while the clay dried. We chatted briefly about how I loved to use this masque on my face, but rarely indulge in an entire body masque. I may now have to make it a priority on my to-do list.

After the masque had sufficiently dried, Lauren set me up in one of the hammam’s two steam rooms. She had dispensed several sprays of the orange quince steam mist, delicately scenting the steam with notes of bright citrus and earthy patchouli. I was supplied with ice cold towels and water to keep myself cool and hydrated as I steamed, and was left to enjoy for 5 to 7 heavenly minutes. I found myself standing up and stretching, reveling at how free and flexible I felt from this extended period of delicious heat.

It was then time to replenish my body with moisture after such an intense detoxification. Lauren began with a warming application of cardamom amber oil, paying attention to every muscle as she moved up my legs to my abdomen and shoulders. A small layer of tangerine fig butter creme was then applied, supplying a cool sensation on my skin and a sealing in of the moisture that my body was so craving.

Once I had been fully moisturized, my heavenly hammam experience had come to a close. Lauren led me back to the relaxation area, offering me the kese mitt to take home and extend the benefits that I had just experienced. I felt completely and utterly euphoric, purified yet moisturized and with a deeply rooted sense of calm.

It is with that sense of calm that I declare the Hammam the ultimate must-do experience in Las Vegas. Pun fully intended- I definitely hit the jackpot.

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to escape into your own red flower hammam experience.

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