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the rose renewal, a Well+Good beauty collaboration

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Quick Overview

behold the it-beauty gift of the season and get lit from within. The Rose Renewal, Well+Good’s limited-edition collaboration with
beauty ritual pioneer Red Flower.

the rose renewal
red flower x well+good collaboration
a special limited trio, the gift of self care

the rose is beauty, energy, and pleasure. the perfect pathway to connect to the senses and radiate life. self-care is the antidote to feeling emotionally and physically drained. the lift that comes from fully reconnecting to the senses is transcendent.

the Rose Renewal Set includes the Red Flower Illuminating Rose Collagen Renewal Serum, a Rose Quartz Crystal, Red Flower Moroccan Rose Petal Topped Vegan Candle and Red Flower Illuminating Rose Crystal Facial Acupressure Massage™ application technique. in three beautiful steps, the trio will help activate your senses, melt away stress and illuminate your skin with the healing vibrations of rose quartz crystal and damask rose. to be used as a bathing ritual or a glow-boosting ritual at your vanity.

Creating a self-care collab set with Well+Good is especially meaningful for the holidays when the need to decompress is most essential. Well+Good brings a spark to the Red Flower philosophy which evolves The Rose Renewal into a universal practice, inspiring a true self-care movement.” - Yael Alkalay, Red Flower founder

the 130 vibrations of concentrated damask rose and whole rose essential oils elevate the rose quartz crystal to energize the skin for flush illumination. combined with moments of inhalation, candlelight, and aroma of rose this trio offers a total release of facial and emotional tension for a simple and daily self-care practice.

experience the signature Red Flower Illuminating Rose Crystal Facial Acupressure Massage™ (see video below) for an instant boost and lasting, healthy glow.

all natural, toxin-free, concentrated, potent nutrients. self-care skincare practice.
micro-batched by hand in greater new york.


the rose renewal
red flower x Well+Good
a special limited trio, the gift of self care

just a few moments to connect with yourself in the morning or evening can be transformative. Well+Good x Red Flower co-created this powerful, beautifying ritual to inspire a space for self-care.in three luxurious steps, The Rose Renewal will help activate your senses, melt away stress, and illuminate your skin with the healing vibrations of rose quartz crystal and damask rose. to be used as a bathing ritual in the tub or a glow-boosting ritual at your vanity.

“With this gorgeous Red Flower collaboration we really wanted to disrupt our chronic busyness and inspire the idea that we all need (and deserve) more than a minute to address our stress levels and our skin,” says Well+Good co-founder Melisse Gelula. “This stunning beauty ritual becomes a reason to put self-care sessions into our calendars, and make time for practices that renew us.”

set includes:
illuminating rose collagen renewal face serum
create glow with the lush potency of whole rose essential oil concentrate and activate collagen regeneration with rich omegas. each bottle contains the whole essential oil of 45 kg of rose damascena petals and 10,000 cold-pressed cloudberry and raspberry seeds for instantaneous benefits and radiant health. apply the potent serum with the below Red Flower Illuminating Rose Crystal Facial Acupressure Massage™

moroccan rose petal topped candle
an intoxicating blend of rose damascena, coriander and patchouli whole essential oils, an all-natural vegetable blend wax, clean-burning cotton wick and 50-hour burn time. topped with scented rose petals.

rose quartz crystal
hand-cut and hand-selected for its purity, this Red Flower rose quartz crystal promotes vibrational healing and helps absorb negative energy


Additional Information

How to Use

Make the most out of your Rose Renewal Ritual in 3 simple steps

step 1: set your intention with scent
As you open the Moroccan Rose Petal Topped Vegan Candle, engage all of your senses by honoring the delicately scented petals. If you are performing your ritual in the bath, sprinkling the rose petals into the tub will infuse the water with notes of damask rose, patchouli and coriander. If your ritual will be in front of your vanity, place petals in a small dish to create a scent-filled personal altar. Signal the start of the ritual with the strike of a match and light the candle. As the room fills with the soothing scent of rose, take one deep cleansing breath and set your intention for this sacred time of self care.

step 2: tap the crystal’s healing vibrations
Pick up the Rose Quartz Crystal with your left hand, and take a moment to tune into this mineral’s soothing vibrations. Rose quartz has a legendary capacity to awaken the heart chakra and promote feelings of love and healing. Take another few cleansing breaths to allow the vibrations to envelop you, then place the crystal on the side of your tub or on your vanity for the next step.

step 3: activate restorative radiance
With your fingertips, lightly pat 2–3 drops of Illuminating Rose Collagen Renewal Face Serum onto clean skin. Pressing the serum into the skin, as opposed to using swiping motions, helps the serum deliver deeper and more penetrative moisture. If you only have a few moments to indulge in your self-care practice, massage the serum into the GB14 positive state acupressure point as well as the LI20 welcome fragrance acupressure point, as depicted in the insert included in the Rose Renwal set. If you have a few more minutes, take time to access all 11 acupressure points. Both acupressure techniques can be done daily at your mirror or while relaxing in the bath.



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