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indian jasmine little flower candle

indian jasmine little flower candle

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1.5 oz.
small, but intense. pure flower fragrance to fill a room with the scent of everything simple and beautiful and alive. packaged in take-anywhere, film-size boxes with matches. cotton wick and natural wax with a slow, clean burn. they are yours to take. to have and to hold. light them in trains, taxis and hotels. light them between cracks in the sidewalk, on window sills. a home is wherever you make it.

15-hour burn time.

packaged in 77% post-consumer recycled paper. printed at a 100% wind-powered plant. made in the u.s.a.


let the scent of the blended oils of jasmine sambac, neroli orange blossoms, tangerine, and ylang-ylang, flow through the home as this candle scented with the fragrance of night is lit to last for as long as 15 hours. since it can be used anywhere, you can enjoy the wonderful balance of herbal and citrus aromas anywhere.

history: the queen of flowers, jasmine dates way back to old persia, when the word yasmin means gift from god. many countries make this flower a part of their tradition

origin: china, india, egypt, morocco

essential oil blend: mixed petals from jasmine, neroli, tangerine, and ylang-ylang

process: one ounce of essence is a product of enfleurage using 40 pounds of petals

aromatherapy: relieves stress and lifts the mood

language: attachment

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intoxicating scent Review by Jenny
I like to burn this candle while I soak in the tub. The scent is strong from this little candle. I keep one in my travel bag too. (Posted on March 31, 2017)