there is something so wonderful about giving red flower.

know the sense of delight in sharing an aromatic favorite, a sweet memory, a gesture of kindness, a new practice, a festive classic, a healthier approach, a time to relax, a timeless tradition, a moment of connection, a spirit of adventure, a sensory journey, a ritual bath, a transportive escape, a curative boost all to be discovered in thoughtful, personalized, ready to gift packaging.


"Remember that the spirit of the gift is more important than the gift itself. That is not to say that any old thing will do as long as you give it with a smile, simply that the feeling behind it will be received as much if not more than the thing itself. There is an etiquette involved in choosing, presenting, and respectfully acknowledging gifts." (read more from “the gift” journal

- Emily Post

gift sets are shipped ready to give, in environmentally conscious packaging. you have the option to include a gift note at checkout by selecting “add a gift message” under your order total. 

*additional discounts or promotions may not apply to speciality priced gift sets


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