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by Yael

Long Legs:

If I stare at a flower in the sun for long enough I definitely feel more beautiful. If I smile openly and easily while walking down the street I feel happier. Summer feels loose and easy and long, for a moment every pain melts away and a perfect softness sets in. Here it is still Spring for a few more weeks but as some anonymous words from the airwaves sunk in I thought I heard “that here in the northeast Spring is a battle between Winter and Summer until Summer finally wins”.  I have long legs, I have been tall forever and I have passed tall along to my family. It always surprises me to see bare legs again in NYC suddenly as if they blossomed overnight after a single warm mist. Some legs were born ready and others need a little work. Beyond genetics and the workout, there are some essential basics for skin and tone that are deeply enjoyable and functional. Skin gets dry no matter how young you are, skin gets scaly no matter the season but especially over the winter, little spider veins peep through and l physical annoyances that aren’t actually relevant to anything feel suddenly important. So here is a step by step ritual for the smoothest, softest, bare spring legs. Boys and Girls hear me out.




Product list:

organic birch mineral hydrotherapy soaking plunge
hinoki mint mineral bath soak
wild cherry blossom rice buff
lymphatic phytopower sea cleanser and masque
bioactive berry white peat exfoliant
jasmine rose rhassoul clay
orange quince steam mist
cardamom amber oil
essential omega fresh berry oil serum
tangerine fig butter creme
moroccan rose petal topped candle
wanderlust petal topped candle



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13 Item(s)

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