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shower moment™ for restful sleep

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Quick Overview

designed specifically to instantly decompress and promote a restful night’s sleep. this self-guided shower ritual envelops with essences of lavender and steam to calm the mind, ease tension and deeply relax the system.  further escape into purified lavender bliss with the potent benefits and gentle lather of oat lactic acid, aloe and cloudberry oil infused with lavender, bergamot and violet leaf oils.  create glow with the lush potency of whole rose essential oil concentrate and activate collagen regeneration with rich berry seed omega complex for instantaneous benefits and radiant skin health that keeps working as you sleep.

set includes:
illuminating rose collagen face renewal serum
active organic milk forest purifier (32.5 ml)
french lavender refreshing mist (25 ml)
all natural loofah


red flower shower moment™ for restful sleep

a red flower shower moment™ is a moment of wellness taken to reconnect and restore.  experience a red flower shower moment™  for restful sleep

Additional Information

How to Use

a step by step guide to creating your very own red flower shower moment™, targeted for a restful night’s sleep:

step 1

you will begin with an opening stretch sequence to initiate relaxation:

  1. shoulder stretch to release neck and shoulder tension. interlace your fingers, and raise your arms above your head, with your palms facing upwards. try to keep your arms in line with your ears, while you look straight ahead and relax your shoulder blades down your back (don’t shrug them up!) hold for five full breaths in and out through your nose. let your arms fall down to your sides, roll your shoulders backwards and forwards a few times

  2. heart opener - counteract the concave chest of computer hunching. still standing with your feet hip-distance apart, reach your hands behind you, clasping them together in a fist at the base of your back. looking straight ahead, lift your clasped hands as high as you can behind you, pulling your shoulder blades together. (If you want more of a stretch, you can fold over your legs, and let gravity pull your clasped hands toward the floor.) hold for five full breaths.

  3. standing forward bend - Keeping your feet hip-distance apart, fold over your legs. If your hamstrings are tight, bend your knees. Try to relax into the pose for five full breaths. (If you want a little help from gravity, grab opposite elbows and let your head hang down.)


stretch image index

step 2                                                                                                                                

enter a steam-filled shower with clouds of lavender, peppermint and rosemary to begin your relaxation journey.


  • prep environment  by turning shower on hottest temp and fill space with steam.  turn water off once complete in order to prevent waste.  

  • generously mist french lavender refreshing mist into the steam-filled shower to initiate your shower moment™

  • enter lavender clouds.

  • take 3 deep breaths to decompress.


key ingredients and benefits: a potent blend of lavender, pepperina mint, rosemary and orange peel whole essential oils helps decompress stress, restore calm, relaxes the nerves, assists with clarity and sleep.

step 3

gently cleanse head to toe with a sleepy layer of active organic milk forest purifier to bring relaxation, nourishment and radiant health.  


  • turn shower water back on to 105 degrees fahrenheit or your adjusted hottest comfortable temp.

  • enter shower water.

  • let the hot water run onto the neck and back for 5 minutes to warm the system and loosen tension.

  • for contrast therapy, turn temperature down to as cold as you can take for 1 minute (if you can).  adjust water temperature back to comfortable.  contrast water therapy helps soothe and prevent muscle soreness, boost circulation and promote a healthy blood flow.

  • begin cleansing:

    • for face:  gently rinse face with warm water. pour a dime size amount of cleanser into palm of hand and create a light lather.  in small circular movements, cleanse the entire face and neck. rinse completely with warm water.

    • for body:  enter into very warm water to open pores and relax muscles.  using large circular movements with both hands, create fresh lather over the entire body to remove impurities from the skin.


key ingredients and benefits:

  • lavender - calms, reduces inflammation and tones.

  • aloe vera - soothes irritated skin and highly moisturizing. Helps with stretch marks, healing wounds and fighting wrinkles when applied topically.

  • oat lactic acid - a natural peel to refine fine lines and stimulate collagen production while removing dead skin cells to reveal smooth, purified vitality.

  • sea algae extract - naturally enhances skin’s moisture barrier to prevent dehydration and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. A potent antioxidant, sea algae repairs uv damage and fights free radicals to combat premature aging and restore lasting firmness to skin.

  • coconut oil - rich in fatty acids to keep skin soft and supple. creates a rich creamy lather and acts as a humectant that leaves the skin conditioned and silky.

step 3

complete your restful sleep intention and create glow by applying 3 golden drops of red flower illuminating rose collagen renewal face serum onto dewy damp skin.


  • turn shower off.  while still in lavender infused steam, using fingertips, gently blend illuminating rose collagen renewal serum over damp face, neck, decollete and delicate eye area prior to sleep. (a little goes a long way). and again upon awakening.

  • applying serum onto damp skin allows for the water to pull the beneficial oils deeply into skin.

  • perform red flower signature acupressure facial massage using 11 acupressure facial points for tension release and instant radiance.


st 2 worry lines

corner of forehead along hairline


gb14 positive state

2 finger widths above the center of the eyebrows


bl2 bright eyes

inner edge of eyebrow towards bridge of nose


gb1 arc

outside edge of eyebrow


st2 oracle

below the center of the eye on the oracle bone


LI20 welcome fragrance

on either side of nostrils


gv28 governing

just above center of the upper lip


cv24 conception

below the middle of the lower lip


gb2 jaw tension

finger width from earlobe at jaw line


st4 smiling line

on either side of the corners of the mouth


st5 balance

along the side of the chin


key ingredients and benefits:

    • whole rose essential oil - delivers long lasting moisture and antioxidant protection.  Reduces inflammation and redness, promotes elasticity while improving the texture of the skin

    • cloudberry seed oil - rich in vitamin c and ellagic acid to reduce the effects of sun damage and promote the production of collagen. delivers radiance and brightness.

    • raspberry seed oil - contains 83% fatty acids, creating a lipid barrier of omega-3 and omega-6 on the skin to help to sustain moisture throughout the day.

    • aloe butter - penetrates the skin four times faster than water, reaches deeper layers of the dermis and aids the absorption of ingredients while blocking free radicals. Triggers cells into producing more collagen.

    • avocado oil - helps reduce blemishes and age spots.

  • mist one more time to set serum and complete your shower moment™ with the same lavender cloud in which you began.

step 5

wind down.

  • wrap in warmth.  

  • sip hot tea.  

  • close eyes.

  • dream.


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