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liberation, rebirth, renewal.

a celebration of freedom, order, question and renewal. a time of possibility and connection. a time of renewal, so ritualistic even the home is cleansed, everything is to be at its essence, even the bread, unleavened. and in this pure space, what is the importance of scent? the scent of spring leaves unfurling, of green buds rising, life anew.

“Judaism teaches, "Which sense does the soul enjoy but not the body? This is the sense of smell." (Talmud Berachot 43b).
In other words, smell is spiritual. Whereas other senses convey only a partial impression of that which the sense perceives, the sense of smell symbolizes the ability to reach to the essence of all things.” from lchaim

happy passover

orange blossom intensely-scented organic room diffuser


celebrate the time of rebirth and renewal with the rejuvinating scent of orange blossoms integrated in organic room diffusers.

Additional Information

How to Use simple and clean, red flower diffusers come encased in recycled glass,
with long palm-wood stem release a burst of fragrant essence.
each scent breathes an ephemeral blend of organic wildflowers and spices,
filling your space with a welcoming aroma.
rotate palm wood stems every few days, enhancing generous scent diffusion.


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