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the revitalized traveler

the revitalized traveler

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the perfect travel companion,
with the vast healing powers of the ocean imbued into each tsa carry-on approved item. inhale the moist balsam of copaiba trees, a warm accord of crushed clove and cardamom oils and lush bay laurel leaf to maintain a healthy respiratory and immune system. 

set includes:

cleansing hair wash 50 ml 
softening hair conditioner 50 ml
purifying body wash 50 ml
moisturizing body lotion 50 ml
all natural loofah


vast, endless, the tidal force of the sea cleanses the earth with each day anew.

awaken the senses. open the lungs and inhale the air off the coast. the notes that lift off the waters collect from flowers, herbs and trees that flourish near the sea. the moist balsam air of copaiba trees, a warm accord of crushed clove and cardamom oils, and the lush bay laurel leaf of the mediterranean coastline. open the body and awaken the mind with aromatic power of eucalyptus. feel the pull and life force of an unbridled ocean.

history: an emblem of victory and status in ancient greece, a wreath of bay laurels was awarded as the prize at the pythian games as a symbol for the god Apollo.

origin: mediterranean coast, france, spain, italy, morocco

essential oil blend: cardamom seed oil, laurel leaf oil, copaiba oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, and clove bud oil

process: steam distillation

aromatherapy: boosts immune system, stimulating, improves memory, opens the airwaves and clears the lungs

language: laurel leaf symbolizes glory

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