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New Years Eve

New Year's Eve in a hotel?
Make sure it smells good with ocean little flower candles.

New Year's Eve at home?
End your year with a long, hot soak in nature organic birch mineral hydrotherapy soaking plunge.

New Year's Eve with friends?
Come with the illuminating abundance of petal topped candles.

New Year's Eve in nature?
Keep yourself and your friends warm and hydrated with hammam cardamom amber oil.

New Year’s Eve in a bath?
Cleanse from a long night and start the year off with vitalized energy with the reviving wellness ritual set.

New Year's Eve in a square?

indian jasmine moisturizing lotion
(it gets cold, keep skin soft and wam),
icelandic moonflower petal topped candle
(toss petals at midnight and make a wish over a bright flame),
10ml guaiac organic perfume
(feel the vibrations),
ionizing vita flower mist
(positive energy everywhere for everyone) and
italian blood orange hand and face towelettes
(useful in every situation, especially in crowds)
the reviving wellness ritual set (includes italian blood orange moisturizing body lotion, ocean purifying body wash, ocean little flower candle)
(teaming with vitamin c, antioxidants and aromatherapeutic essential oils.)

Happy New Year!
Warmest wishes for a 2014 filled with health and happiness.

New Years Eve

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