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moroccan rose purifying body wash

moroccan rose purifying body wash

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8 oz
make the daily cleanse more positive with purifying body wash boosted with potent certified organic fruit, flower and leaf healing extract.  this concentrated extract is a blend of certified organic cucumber, apple, chamomile, green tea, ginger and aloe vera that stimulates, repairs and vitalizes, leaving skin energized and toned. whole essential oils delicately scent the skin to deeply cleanse without drying. wash with this hydrating blend of omega-6, vitamin and nutrient-rich,  to naturally rejuvenate the skin, providing a long-lasting healthy softness.

certified organic fruit, flower and leaf healing extract: 

  • ginger: a powerful anti inflammatory, improves circulation and known to relieve muscle and joint pain.

  • chamomile: helps soothe irritated skin and rich with flavonoids, rich in antioxidants to heal and protect.

  • apple: rich in vitamin A and C. helps repair damaged skin cells and exfoliate skin.

  • green tea: contains natural methylxanthines that stimulate skin's microcirculation, helps promote collagen renewal and maintain elasticity.

  • cucumber: rich in silica that aids in repairing and strengthening connective tissue. helps reduce sun damage and prevents water retention.

active ingredients:  aloe barbadensis leaf juice, certified organic ginger root, certified organic chamomile, certified organic apple, certified organic green tea and certified organic cucumber and 100% whole essential oils.

100% natural, biodegradable and biocompatible.  made with certified organic ingredients.
free of dyes, parabens, sulfates (sls), petrochemicals and synthetic preservatives.
gluten free, vegan and cruelty free.
flowers hold life.

packaged in p.e.t. plastic for easy recycling. made in the u.s.a.


introducing red flower's completely transformed and reformulated flowers hold life collection of best selling purifying body washes, enhanced by ingredients that are rich in antioxidants that repair and hydrate the skin. it leaves the skin fresh and invigorated, as well as protect and nourish the body from the inside out.

purify the body and nourish the skin using a certified organic fruit, flower and leaf healing extract made with aloe barbadensis leaf juice and all certified organic ingredients of ginger root, chamomile, apple, green tea and cucumber, but also leave if with a sensual and velvety scent, thanks to the smell of rare flowers extracted through steam distillation. it promotes a sense of balance and relaxes the mind and body.

history: Moroccans use these roses as a way of welcoming guests

origin: from the atlas mountains, morocco, specifically in the valley of roses

essential oil blend: rose otto, bulgarian rose, damascus rose, along with musky undertones of patchouli and coriander

process: steam distillation

aromatherapy: calm the mind and bring about a sense of balance.

language: love

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